Lisa Marie Presley’s sudden death shocked the entire world. She leaves three daughters among whom her inheritance is now to be divided.

Elvis Presley’s († 42) only daughter Lisa Marie Presley († 54) died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest on Thursday (January 12). In addition to her mother Priscilla Presley (77), she also leaves behind her three daughters Riley (33), Finley Aaron and Harper Vivienne (both 14).

On July 12, 2020, her son Benjamin Keough († 27) committed suicide. A loss that Lisa Marie could never really process until the end. After the tragic death of the 54-year-old, one of the questions that remains is what will happen to her inheritance.

Until recently, Lisa Marie Presley was the owner of Graceland, Elvis’ former residence in Memphis, Tennessee. She also inherited a total of $100 million from her father in 1993, when she was just 25 years old. According to the British “Daily Mail”, however, she is said to have squandered this fortune as far as possible over the years. It is currently unclear how much money the children of the 54-year-old will really inherit.

However, according to Rolling Stone magazine, Graceland alone was worth around $400 to $500 million in 2020. This fortune will now go to their relatives. A few years ago, Lisa Marie confirmed in an interview: “Graceland was given to me and will always be mine. When I am no longer here, the estate will be passed on to my children. Graceland will never be sold.” Particularly touching: According to media reports, Lisa Marie Presley will also find her last resting place on the family estate – alongside her father Elvis and son Benjamin.

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