When a family drove their brand new Tesla Model Y down a highway in the USA, the steering wheel suddenly fell off while driving at full speed. The manufacturer even charged a three-digit fee for the replacement.

As of January 24 of this year, a New Jersey family is the proud owner of a Tesla Model Y — or at least was for a few days. On Twitter, user @preneh24 shared his experience with the new Tesla. The initial joy quickly gave way to naked fear after an incident on the highway: the Tesla’s steering wheel simply fell off while driving! As if the shock on the highway wasn’t enough, Tesla responded succinctly to the incident.

The video on Twitter shows that the Tesla Model Y’s steering wheel is now only hanging by a few wires. The family had only received the vehicle five days before the incident. When, according to the driver, the steering wheel simply fell off without warning, miraculously nobody was injured and the vehicle was otherwise unharmed. However, the incident came as a shock to the whole family.

The car then ended up at Tesla Service. A little later, the driver received a message from Tesla: More information about the incident was needed. He sent the service all the requested information along with pictures. But Tesla’s response was sobering: “We apologize that you and your family had to go through this. We take a closer look at the vehicle.”

Tesla swapped the steering wheel. And then came the bang: The family should pay for the replacement of the defective steering wheel themselves – a total of 103.96 US dollars. So the owner contacted Tesla again, asking them to take the vehicle back and refund the purchase price. However, Tesla replied that the company does not have a return policy. So you’ll have to keep the Tesla for now.

After all, Tesla then updated the bill and covered the cost of replacing the steering wheel. That was the least for the family, because they lost confidence in the American manufacturer after only five days.

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