The Niners plan to trade Garoppolo for a Super Bowl win in the offseason

After throwing an interception in Sunday’s first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings, Kyle Shanahan, the San Francisco 49ers coach, was seen engaging in heated sideline conversations with Jimmy Garoppolo . However it was evident that Garoppolo needed to refocus.

The Niners’ six-play opening drive was abruptly ended when Deebo Samuel’s pass was intercepted by the Vikings safety Harrison Smith.

Shanahan said that the pick was “inexcusable” that he had “started off not great”. However, he stressed the importance of speaking to Garoppolo face to face after the interception.

He said via Yahoo Sports, “I wanted him to hear directly form me.” “I’m using a headset to talk to coaches so they can pass on information. I told him what was obvious and what he didn’t know and told him to forget it. We will come back to him and you need to be aggressive for the remainder of the game. He was right and he did it well.

Garoppolo agreed with that sentiment and said that their exchange was not unusual.

He said, “Just like normal,” and he approached me face-toface with it. “Just really, it was necessary to do my check. It wasn’t what I was looking for, so I tried to be aggressive. It was a bad decision.

He said, “I must be better than this with it.” Take the checkdown. They gave them to us very early, and I need to be more efficient with them.”

Garoppolo threw 230 yards and a TD but the Niners did more on the ground. Samuel’s two scores made him the Niners’ first receiver to run for five TDs in a single season since the merger. Samuel had six carries and rushed for 66 yards. He also caught one pass for 15 yard before sustaining a groin injury during Sunday’s 34-26 win.

Garoppolo will have to perform well this season. According to the NFL Network the Niners will trade Garoppolo in the offseason to make way for Trey Lance.