Twenty-four days, twenty-four missions to accomplish to… save Christmas. Will your family accept this great responsibility? On the fun calendar of the Quebec company Charlojeu, children daily scratch a box that contains a challenge. Thanks to an explanatory video and the materials provided in the game box, they will be able to solve the funny mysteries observed at the North Pole. With its two levels of difficulty, this investigation into the land of Santa Claus is aimed at both 4-year-olds and 12-year-olds.

Time for yourself. In our sometimes hectic lives, isn’t this the most beautiful present? This Advent candle, inspired by a Scandinavian tradition, is an invitation to take a 30-minute moment of rest every day until December 24. The only exception is December 1, when beeswax will burn for two hours. Read, meditate, take a bath, cuddle up with a loved one, do nothing: you choose the activity that makes you feel good. The candle, born from a collaboration between the companies Flonette and Miel de la Garde, takes care of the atmosphere.

A whole luxury calendar offered to us this year by L’Occitane en Provence. This voluminous “box of 24 wonders” contains a host of surprises, including several iconic products from the brand (its divine Immortelle cream, several hand creams, etc.). Open every day until Christmas to discover eau de toilette, body balm and other serums to pamper yourself until New Year’s Eve. While most of the products are small, six full-sized gifts are also hidden here! Valued at $260, offered for $150. Reusable calendar made from recyclable cardboard.

Can’t imagine a December without a sweet surprise? The La Boîte à bonbons calendar will satisfy your desires. Each door contains three to six delicious candies, to share or keep for yourself. Flavors vary from day to day in this calendar which contains a total of 600 grams of goodies.

Twelve different cheeses created by eight cheese makers from across Quebec are hidden behind the doors of the IGA local cheese advent calendar. Among the products to taste during the month of December, we find, in particular, the Franc-Gilles, a cheddar with aromas of hazelnuts and wild mushrooms, from the Warwick cheese factory, as well as the Montcerviens cranberries, a gouda sprinkled with these small red fruits, from the La Cabriole cheese dairy. Something to inspire you when preparing cheese platters for the festivities.

If bedtime is synonymous with reading time in your family, we can bet that in December, stories featuring Santa and his elves will be what your child will be asking for. The book Counting down the joker elf: 24 great stories to help you wait for Christmas contains short stories perfect for waiting until the holiday season. There we find, of course, the famous bearded man, but also stories taking place at the Christmas market in Baie-Saint-Paul, during New Year’s Eve in Lac-Saint-Jean or on an ice rink in Beauceville.