Actress Francia Raisa has claimed that she was intimidated by a caravan of Trump supporters, subjected to verbal abuse and “boxed in” on a freeway in California as she attempted to flee.

The 32-year-old actress claims she “almost crashed” as she was taunted and mocked by Trump supporters who were parading along California’s 405 freeway on Sunday as the US president touched down for a fundraiser event in Southern California. 

She explained her alleged ordeal in a tearful, expletive-laden video posted to her Instagram stories.

As the world agonizes over whether she is in the passenger seat or using the front facing camera on TikTok (which uses the obverse image), perhaps only she will ever know. It will be debated for years…

No. You’re not dreaming. This is on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles today!!!

Errol Webber For Congress CA-37 attends a Trump Car Parade along the 405 Freeway.

The actress, who is of Mexican heritage and once donated her kidney to singer Selena Gomez, implied the intimidation was racially-motivated, claiming that the Trump supporters who surrounded her in their vehicles “were just being so violent.” 

“I was just on the 405 and I got stuck in that stupid Trump rally and they f***ing boxed me in and they’re pointing at me and laughing at me, saying ‘Ha ha’ and literally I almost crashed because they wouldn’t let me out,” she says in the video.

She claims she tried to go around the convoy but several cars boxed her in, pointed at her, honked their horns, and laughed throughout the alleged incident which she suggests was racially-motivated given that she is Mexican.

Conservative Twitter reacted to the video with skepticism, questioning why she could film and drive in the aftermath but didn’t manage to capture the alleged incident itself.

But she managed to post a video of her near-death experience on TikTok, while driving, and flipping her hair around, and checking her camera angles. This chick is definitely destined to be in a compilation clip, wailing in her car, when Trump gets re-elected in a few weeks!😂😂😂

Watch as the media creates more outrage based on that idiot who claims to have been boxed in by Trump supporters while driving than they do about Trump supporters being assaulted, run over, or shot and killed.

Some drew comparisons with disgraced actor-director Jussie Smollett, who is currently facing charges relating to staging a hoax hate crime attack against himself in January 2019.

Zero actual tears, and excessive blinking and occasional eye-touching don’t do the trick. She gets a few points for quivery voice & urgent “listen to me!” voice tone, but overall this performance only warrants 2.5 Jussie’s.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump held a fundraiser at a private residence in Newport Beach before giving an election campaign speech at a rally in Carson City, Nevada. 

THANK YOU Newport Beach, California! Now on my way to Carson City, Nevada. Another big crowd, see you soon!

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