A plane instead of a courtroom: According to a media report, two climate activists were absent from a court hearing after they blocked a street near Stuttgart. The couple first flew to Thailand and then to Bali.

Luisa S. and Yannick S. are not only a couple privately, but also united in their climate protests. In September, the two activists blocked federal highway 10 near Stuttgart and showed banners that read “Save oil instead of drilling”. But the two don’t seem to take it too seriously when it comes to climate protection, as the “Bild” newspaper reports in its Wednesday edition.

In November, the two should appear before the district court in Bad Cannstatt because of the blockade. There was an allegation of coercion. But the couple stayed away from the hearing. According to “Bild” because the two were on vacation. According to the report, the couple got stuck in Stuttgart rush-hour traffic as early as September.

The two are said to have flown to Thailand and from there to Bali. Such a long-haul flight causes several tons of CO2, which the two climate activists apparently accepted.

A spokesman for the “Last Generation” action group defended the trip to Bild with the wild justification: “You booked the flight as private individuals, not as climate protectors. You have to be able to tell them apart.” The spokesman was apparently unable to explain why the CO2 emissions of “private individuals” differ from those of “climate protectors”.

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