especially in Berlin, the Rents rose sharply. The analysis of the portals, Immoscout24 and present FOCUS Online shows. The experts have determined the average rent in the period from 2011 to 2019 for more than 160 high school cities. Only in some East-German and lower Saxony, Uni-cities, the cost of renting stagnate accordingly, or even drop.

In the Top 10 of the most expensive University cities, however, the rental yield increases of more than 50 percent in just eight years. So students in Berlin, an average of 429 Euro warm for a WG-room, and 519 euros for a 30 square meters large apartment. That is, 8 percent more than in the previous year, and almost 65 percent above the level of 2011: such A strong price growth there was in any other German University town.

The Top Ten in the rental price increases since 2011:

  • Berlin: 64.9 percent
  • Rietheim-Weilheim: 61.5 percent
  • Wildau: 57.3 percent
  • Heilbronn: 56.4 percent
  • Wustermark: 55.8 percent
  • Augsburg: 54.1 percent
  • Ludwigsburg: 53%
  • Munich: 52.8%
  • Stuttgart: 52.1 percent
  • Würzburg: 49.0 percent
  • Ludwigsburg (Kreis): 48.6 per cent

for Rent in Munich are sometimes higher than the Bafög maximum rate

are The most expensive but, as before, Munich and Stuttgart. Students could be financed here with the Bafög grant, warn the experts. “The Situation on the housing market, is for students from year to year more difficult,” confirms Carsten Wagner, founder and CEO of


apartments, houses and commercial objects.

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the Absolute top riders in the costs and will remain in Munich. Where a student pays now an average of 889 Euro warm rent for a Single apartment and 697 Euro for a WG-room. For comparison: The new BAföG maximum rate is 853 Euro is hardly enough for the rent. Eight years ago, the Rent for a 30-square-metre apartment was 582 Euro 456 Euro warm for a WG-room, which is a price increase of 53 percent.

In second place in the cost-Ranking of Stuttgart, with 549 euros for a room in Frankfurt am Main with 531 Euro, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, with 507 euros and consistency with 494 Euro. Also at the top of the Rankings, Heidelberg, 459 Euro, Hamburg with € 455 and Düsseldorf with 442 Euro.

In the case of the rents for a 30-square-meter apartment, the following Top-10 rankings:

  • Munich: 889 Euro
  • Stuttgart: 737 Euro
  • Freising: 696 EUR
  • Freiburg im Breisgau: 680 Euro
  • Frankfurt am Main: 666 Euro
  • consistency results: 656 Euro
  • Ludwigsburg: 647 Euro
  • Tübingen: 638 Euro
  • Heilbronn: 625 Euro
  • Ingolstadt: 620 Euro

In Eastern Germany remains students more money to live on left

The scissors of the rental price for shared rooms or Single apartments apart goes on and on. The price growth year-on-year in the Eastern Unistädten Zittau and Freiberg, Rostock, Greifswald and Cottbus in the case of just between zero and one percent – and that on an already low level. Considerably more money is left to students for life.

The latest developments relating to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Rentals in lower Saxony, up to 5 per cent cheaper

In Parts of lower Saxony, the prices go back even slightly. In Emden, such as the rental rates decreased by 5 percent for a 30-square-meter Single apartment of 368 euros in the year 2018 to 350 euros in the year 2019. Also for a room in a shared flat prices fell by 5 per cent within a year. And in Vechta the fall in average monthly rents by 4 percent.

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