(London) French actress Eva Green won her lawsuit in London on Friday against the production company of a science fiction film from which she claimed her fee despite the cancellation of the feature film.

The 42-year-old French actress, star of Casino Royale in 2006, was set to star in a sci-fi film — A Patriot — before production was finally halted in October 2019.

She had sued the British production company, White Lantern Films, to claim her million dollar fee for the film, despite its cancellation.

But the company decided to fight back by launching its own lawsuit against the actress, saying she had made “unreasonable demands” and harmed the film’s production.

In a judgment delivered on Friday, the High Court in London ruled in favor of the actress and dismissed the production company.

Judge Michael Green found that the actress did not “waive her obligations” and did not commit any breach of contract.

The actress was pleased that justice had prevailed, assuring that she had fought “tooth and nails” to defend a film that she loved.

During the trial, which was held earlier this year, the actress invoked her “French side” to explain the derogatory messages she sent during filming.

She claimed to have “fallen in love” with the film project which was to deal with the climate crisis.

Lawyers for White Lantern Films, however, believed that the French actress had expressed “lack of confidence and dissatisfaction” with members of the production team.

They rely on WhatsApp messages in which Eva Green allegedly called a member of the team “evil”, “devious sociopath”, “liar and crazy”. She also reportedly called production manager Terry Bird a “moron” and “a finished asshole.”

The actress’s lawyer, Edmund Cullen, had meanwhile argued that these messages should be read in the context of negotiations for the acquisition of the rights to the script to make a different film.

He had exposed a case designed to portray Eva Green as a “diva”, “make headlines” and “damage her reputation”.