in The past few days, it turned out that there are in the Belgian football clubs are not in the least harmony in the atmosphere. The splijtzwam: with the completion of the competition in the Jupiler Pro League as well as the decisive second leg in the promotiefinale between Beerschot and OH Leuven. Friday, on their way up to seventeen clubs, in an open letter to the board of directors and the executive management of the Pro League that they are once again in their question, repeat it to the league immediately to stop it.

At the margin, these were given to Club Brugge and AA Gent, which is the so-called ‘smaller’ clubs would support it in the case, the wind from the front of the club, who do you want to play football. We hope that Anderlecht in the play-offs, even for a European ticket, so excited. Tonight is reacted with AA Ghent chairman Ivan De Witte in the VTM-news, for the first time in this endeavor: “The point of view of a Gent, means that we have to take into account the health of and the positions taken by the government will be taking. And, on that basis you can then make a decision”, The White highlighting of the importance of adhering to the instructions given by the higher authorities, are to be taken.

in Addition to the Ghent and the chairman is not set by the negative comments in the address of the club: “I don’t want to of AA Gent will be dismissed as opportunists, who are now, at the expense of all of this is second to keep. We would like to cooperate with any reasonable solution.”

However, to play football.

And it appears that the Buffalo’s were likely to still be playing football this season: “Our preference is for the completion of the first two, if that’s possible, in terms of health. If I’m honest, I have to admit that I am not. And if it’s not, it’s rather a shut down and all of the clubs in the room to make it next year to prepare for it.”

It would, The White one will go in the correct adherence to the instructions of the higher authorities and on the advice of a medical expert. The appeal of the smaller clubs in the league, but permanently putting a stop to it can be sure to correctly calculate The White: “I don’t understand these clubs, and it is likely their claim is proven by the actions that were to follow. That’s why I think it is very premature to even on the play-offs, so to speak.”

“We want to be happy, sporty handling, and it’s certainly not a case of an opportunistic position that we take in. However, this is a statement of common sense: if you can see what’s going on, I don’t think that is the corona, a crisis is not a matter of weeks, but rather months, in which the organisation of football matches is not the primary concern of the government.”

if there are any consequences to love, Ivan and The White, all the options are open, “A competition featuring 18, it is ultimately, perhaps, the last opportunity to be in a position to come to a settlement, with a view to next season. But that’s not the plan, that is our preferred. If other options are not possible, however, it will be provided to support it.”

Marc Coucke had previously been understood that the competition may be partly in the month of July, to be finished, but it looks like The White is a little too far: “It seems to me that that is not realistic. Marc Coucke has the right to his opinion and to proclaim it, but I think that he is quite alone with it.”

a lot of the clubs are looking forward to a royal decree by the cabinet of the prime minister, Koen Geens, it would be planned, allowing clubs to force majeure, may request to, inter alia, the rights holders say: “yes, you can make an argument, but out of our line of reasoning, plays in particular, that we have to take into account the health, which yesterday once again been extended to april 19, and may also have up to 3 and may be renewed.”

you May have to following the following Thursday, a new meeting, at the registered office of the Pro League. Awesome, The White is also hoped that a consensus could be found, and the rest of the Belgian football back in return: “If you use common sense, there would have been in a position to have to come out. No matter what it is about. It’s better to have it clarified, so that everyone can be organized, and, possibly, next season, you can prepare for it.”

More about KAA Gent, Standard to believe it to be the players are technically unemployed, to AA Gent and Club Brugge are not satisfied with The financial corona tomcat: how to get the complete cessation of competition until an miljoenenverlies can lead it’s Official: Manu Ferrera to follow Frédéric Dupré, as beloftencoach from AA Gent, AA Gent has a license to all of a bite