California woman transforms her cubicle in her office into a gingerbread house.

According to SWNS, Monika Orrey (47), from Oakley, California created the masterpiece as part her company’s workspace decoratingcompetition.

Orrey said that she knew she had to do more when the contest for cubicle decorating was announced. She also started stockpiling cardboard immediately.

Orrey, who had been with the company for only two months at the time of the contest announcement, said that she ignored any worries about her coworkers thinking she was odd. “I am happiest when authentically me,” she said.

Orrey explained to SWNS that she chose a gingerbread home because it combined her love for Christmas with her “well-known sweet tooth.”

Orrey stated, “I wanted people to smile and share my love for Christmas.”

SWNS reports that Orrey arrived on Sunday to build her gingerbread house using cardboard, duct tape and dollar store bowls. She also used cardboard tubes and cardboard tubes for the Christmas decorations.

SWNS reported that Orrey’s coworkers were stunned to see her gingerbread house Monday morning.

She said that it “definitely broke the ice” and added: “I’m competitive and love Christmas so it was really up my alley.”

Orrey won in the end.

She said, “Many of my colleagues brought their children in to see my gingerbread home and it brought smiles on many faces — mission accomplished.”