Herenthout is The wolf, which in the past few days in the netherlands, it is gesignaleerdheeft a piece of history. He is the first wolf in the history of the albert canal, cross the bridge. With the stunt he and even she-wolf Head into the ground. She managed to get to the canal Dessel-Schoten, be about to cross a street. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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for The past couple of days, I went into it from many different angles, in the netherlands reports that it is possible to have two, but at least one is a wolf, it would cease to be the park has to offer. There were reports from Sint-Lenaarts (Brecht), Rijkevorsel, Bags, Retie, the Mole and of Herentals, belgium. Especially after seeing the video of the concrete mixing plant Centerbeton Jan was Amazed at the Welcome Wolf, for sure.
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“ ” The wolf has been shot on the grounds of the Centerbeton in Herentals, belgium, on the north side of the albert canal. Shortly after that, we got a new and good reports from locations on the south side of the albert canal, which is Herenthout,” says Jan, a straw man. “This means that our travelling in the morning of the 31st of march, with some ease, and the albert canal was crossed. More than likely, made the animal over to a bridge or lock, for a swim across the channel, with steep, concrete banks, is the equivalent of committing suicide. It is well known that the wolves can swim over great rivers such as the Elbe or the Rhine, but they are not stupid. They will be able to tell that it is a step into the albert canal, is equivalent to death. The chances are that the wolf, however, took place, and through a wildtrap to the point of leaving, it is very, very small.”

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There is now also a new work.“The problem is clearly in the dool.De searching for a new habitat-it is, by far, the most stressful period in the life of a wolf. The wolf is relatively recent in the parental family is likely to leave Germany, and now needs to stand on its own: it is only food to be found, dangerous roads to cross, a trek, take an area in which he is not kent.De travelling is now running at close to built-up areas, and every moment it is re-spotted.”


Welcome to the Wolf emphasizes that the person not have to fear the wolf. “We would like to stress again that the wolves have an innate fear of humans. As long as the wolves are, people are not active approach, in the sense of a closer look, there is no danger,” said Jan Lightly. “It is, therefore, not as a wolf in the streets it crosses, and near to houses and that the animal is dangerous. The wolf does not know in advance where he is going to turn out. He still has more to fear from us than vice-versa.It is, therefore, very important that people have a distance to the animal, leave it alone.”