Casper Andersen driver Hotel Aarup Kro on Funen, where the staff are hugely busy for the time being, although there are times of crisis in Denmark.

the Turnover sounds at between 100,000 and 120,000 dollars a week, but the tavern keeper has yet thought to cut down.

It tells the Casper Andersen on Sunday for B. T.:

“We sold 900 envelopes on Friday. It’s crazy, but I have decided that in the future we maximum make 500 envelopes a day. It is for the customer’s sake.”

He wants not that the customers are too long and waiting for their food, as is the case right now.

Casper Andersen adds that sales have exploded, even though people now are forced to take your food home.

“Before we made the 200 day of the week. Now we are at 1,200. It is insane, and we could have sold 200 envelopes further on Friday.”

the tavern keeper stresses that all the authorities ‘ recommendations be followed. There are only four people in the kitchen, while there is two meters between the customers.

Casper Andersen hope to be able to get through krisetiden without having to fire:

“Right now, we keep the screw in the water, and we can pay salaries and rent, without having to guys. Therefore, we must keep the cadence the next time.”

He is not sure, however, to Hotel Aarup Kro are making more money now. Casper Andersen is missing, namely all the companies for the time being.

Four large banquet rooms are empty. But the tavern keeper think that it all goes, if people will pick up food with him.

Casper Andersen runs strong in these days. And he has, therefore, a need for a day, where guests don’t rush in and constant:

“We have a day of the week, where the food is more normal. It can be chicken in the curry. Then there comes not so many, and we can be ready for the big days.”

on the Wednesday of the coming week will be a big day. Here the Hotel Aarup Kro fried pork with persillesauce.

even Though Casper Andersen chooses to cut down to a maximum of 500 envelopes per day, he expects to sell 1,500 or more envelopes in the next week.