The inhabitants of the planet on June 21 witnessed a rare solar Eclipse, which coincided with the summer solstice.

The disc began to close the star from 7:00 Moscow time in Africa. End astronomical phenomenon at 12:30 in the Pacific.

In social networks users have arranged an online broadcast of the Eclipse.

Some do memory snapshots. They are seen as the Moon gradually covers the solar disk.

Residents of the Urals to see the celestial phenomenon did not prevent the afternoon Sun, partly closed, the Moon still shone stronger.

In Russia, the Moon was obscured by a star to a maximum of one-third. Meanwhile, in India, especially in the Northern part of it, it happened almost a total Eclipse. Footage video published in Facebook.

Wrote in 2020, an astronomical phenomenon falls on the summer solstice. Again in the present century, these events will coincide only in 2039. The Eclipse can be seen from 09:40 Moscow time on the territory of Asia, Africa and the Pacific ocean. Weather permitting, local residents within 38 seconds you will be able to observe in the sky ring of fire. In Russia can only be seen by private phase of the Eclipse. Rare astronomical phenomena will be able to notice the inhabitants of the Altai territory, Republic of Tyva, in the South of Dagestan.

In July 2018, the Russians were able to observe one of the rarest astronomical phenomena — the longest lunar Eclipse in the XXI century was accompanied by great opposition of Mars. Your photos and impressions of the inhabitants of the country are also actively shared on social networks.