Gent ‘I do’. The three simple words on a pink sheet of paper. More and more, into a message in Ghent, belgium. The words are taken from the copy writer Jill Was. “No, I’m not a nurse, so I can’t physically help you. Therefore, I tried to capture it with words, have something to do. In these times of missing each other. Hence, I give you that.”

Are both at their desk and picked up already from the funny corona postkaartjes, such as, ” I wish that I could be allowed to’. “We all have a need to communicate with them. There are thousands of WhatsApp group and everyone is missing each other. It’s a word, it is the best way of all to overcome,” says Jill.

“on the other Hand, I could see the city, all the billboards for the events, and all events are cancelled, try to Pick up further. “I know a lot of organisers, I know how much of a pain it is for them to do, both literally and figuratively. Therefore, I have all the signs and posters are pasted up with ‘I do’. They should know that they are missing and we will be back as soon as possible. Officially, it’s not to be, sticking to those signs and posters for events overplakken. However, I don’t think that the person is now hard-on is going to do it. All the events that are allowed to continue, it’s too painful.” window shop

the Actors had the line-up, with ‘I am you’, but there was a whole bunch of them until they have all the billboards, was passed. “I have been posted in the group Buy, Drink, Eat Local ” on Facebook, and there was a lot of reaction,” she says. “A lot of traders are at the centre of the poster is now in their shop windows to hang. Everyone is in the same boat.”

Who is a ‘Me also’-the poster is like, you can download it on the