then, the experts of the automatic Tariff Customizer role point. In the case of the end-users of falling prices is felt, however, little to do. On the contrary, the Last, the average price climbed to the record high of more than 30 cents for a kilowatt-hour of electricity.

currently, This is doubly inconvenient, and in the truest sense of the word: Many people stay because of the Coronavirus in their spare time at home. Who can, also works in the Home Office. This means that In the German house will hold up to Corona-times consumes more power than usual.

100 Euro additional costs due to Corona output restrictions

“Because of the higher power consumption by the Corona-quarantine measures are the annual costs 100 euros,” warns Switchup-founder Arik Meyer to FOCUS Online. In addition to the increase in consumption due to more time in front of the TV, the extra computer use for work purposes, leading to increased consumption. Power to tax? Save money now with a FOCUS on Online (screen), Now electricity prices

don’t compare This enough: a number of providers have increased prices for consumers in the last few weeks, even. “Despite the current cuts power to hold providers to the price increases. And despite the many price increases yet 1. May be made and the provider, therefore, the fallen electricity costs could take into account,“ continues Meyer.

suppliers to pass on price increases to further price reductions

consumer advocates practice, therefore, a significant criticism of the providers: Once the purchase prices or the EEG surcharge to rise, this information is usually more timely by the current vendors to your customers. In the case of reductions, this is not often the case.

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The good news: you can easily help yourself and in the long term, save a lot of money. Because the price of Electricity rises, they terminate also in the case of long-term contracts the right to.

consumer advocates advise, therefore, now to check out the offers of the electricity suppliers. “Many consumers had perhaps already once, now you could use the time you spend due to the current limitations at home,” says Udo Sieverding, the consumer advice centre NRW, compared with Energate.

400 Euro saving – fully automatic

“to go To really that a is not calculated to much, you have to check his electricity and gas tariff annually,” says Meyer. This is not only due to the fluctuating electricity prices – but also due to the fact that the providers advertise special offers to customers, which are time-limited. “After the cheap first year of the contract, it is usually quickly more expensive,” explains Meyer. A solar system worthwhile? (Display) costs & facts at a Glance

and easy comparison and exchange about the Comparison websites are effective. If you don’t want to worry about it, you can also sign up for a fare watchdog. The Stiftung Warentest rated in the past year, four representatives as “highly recommended”, some of which are even free of charge: Esave,, change pilot and AC. Savings of up to € 400 per year with these Offerings possible, the Tester.

The latest developments relating to the outbreak of the Coronavirus: Coronavirus outbreak in the News Ticker With a new method of counting Infected people number in China, significantly

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