Anyone thinking about a new car will almost certainly have to dig deeper into their pockets in 2023. Electromobility is still a big topic, but subsidies for e-cars will shrink drastically in 2023.

The driver’s license exchange will continue in 2023. Those born between 1959 and 1964 do not have much time in the new year. They must exchange their pink or gray driving licenses for the credit card model by January 19, 2023.

It’s a good idea not to wait until just before the exchange to exchange. Therefore, those born between 1965 and 1970 should also become active in 2023. Your paper license will expire on January 19, 2024.

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The DIN standard 13164:2022 is actually a regulation that has been in effect for first aid kits since February 1, 2022. But it will be particularly relevant on the key date of February 1, 2023. Because the transition period ends at the end of January and until then you have to carry a corresponding first-aid kit in the car.

In January you can still use an old first aid kit (DIN 13164:2014) and add two face masks to it. FFP2 masks are not absolutely necessary for this, surgical masks do the same.

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As every year, there is also a new type class classification for 2023. You can simply ask what this means specifically for your car. In general, there are changes for around 13 million drivers.

Around 4.8 million motorists will benefit from better type classes in the coming year. Higher classifications will apply to around 8.1 million in the future. Nothing will change for 29.3 million next year.

There are also new regional classes for 2023. Here you can easily check your personal situation. 10.1 million motorists have to cope with increases, reductions are calculated for around 5.5 million. For the remaining 26.8 million people with third-party liability insurance, the risk assessment remains almost unchanged.

In the case of comprehensive insurance, around 2.8 million people with comprehensive insurance and around 3.1 million with partially comprehensive insurance will in future have worse risk assessments, while around 900,000 people with full and around 2.9 million partially comprehensive insurance will have better risk assessments.

The badge color will also change again in 2023. Anyone who collects the TÜV sticker, colloquially known as the TÜV sticker, as part of a general inspection, gets it in orange.

But it should be more important: Anyone who is traveling with a pink badge must go to the main inspection in 2023. This is also indicated by the number in the middle, on pink plaques it says 23. The number in the 12 o’clock position is also important. This indicates in which month your car has to go to the general inspection.

As part of the HU, the so-called OBFCM data should also be read from May 2023. On-board fuel consumption monitoring has been mandatory in all newly registered cars since 2021 and monitors fuel and electricity consumption.

Gasoline and diesel are still expensive, after all, the increase in the CO2 price planned for January 1, 2023 has been postponed. 35 euros per tonne of CO2 will not be due until 2024, currently it is 30 euros.

Translated, this means that petrol and diesel prices will remain a few cents cheaper per liter. But it shouldn’t be really cheap for the time being.

E-car drivers could secure over 400 euros through the GHG quota. This will also be an issue next year. The important thing here is that you have to restart the sale of the certificates every year, including for 2023. However, the current development is that the premium for 2023 could be lower. Either way, you should secure the money.

Driving on Austrian motorways and expressways will be more expensive next year. The price for the vignette will increase by 2.8 percent, announced the motorway operator Asfinag on Monday.

The annual car vignette will cost EUR 96.40 and the ten-day vignette EUR 9.90. The new vignette will be available in the last days of November 2022 from around 6,000 Asfinag sales partners in Germany and abroad or digitally from CHIP and will be valid from December 1, 2022.

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