the Pilot counts, Although Red-Bull-Pilot Max Verstappen in addition to his class as a formula-1-in the Sim-Racing to be the fastest, he gave the formula 1 for the “official” virtual Grand Prix in Bahrain, a basket. A comprehensible decision-making? “Yes, I can understand,” says DTM Pilot Philipp Eng was added to a team of Red Bull as a replacement for the Dutchman and for the past ten years, Sim-Racer, in conversation with ‘’.

“Max is very much on iRacing on the road and is extremely well”, refers to the Austrians, the drives fall during the Sim-Racing regularly against verse, to the highly professional simulation platform. “He goes against all the Sim-Racing Pros and lose as a real formula-1-driver more.”

Because the virtual Grand Prix is not used iRacing as a platform, but the one with the official license-equipped formula 1 game, F1 2019, which offers significantly less realism. And so Verstappen – as well as Tight – barely has experience.

Nevertheless, the DTM drivers, at the virtual race, the Pole Position and third place to retract. Also would the task fall to make? “If I now in this race to 15. would become, then this would not have been so bad”, put into perspective Closely. “Max would be, however, might have been interpreted the same, whether what has changed in his life.”

Because even for Closely the transition to F1 in 2019, despite its strong performance is a challenge: “If you are between the simulations and herwechselst, then you change not only the cars but also the platform. And as the differences are sometimes very large. I noticed this especially in the case of the formula 1 – because I had to train very much.”

Verstappen was not the only formula-1-Pilot cancelled for the virtual Grand Prix. Apart from the McLaren driver Lando Norris and Williams-Rookie Nicholas Latifi, who landed on the places five and six, was no other formula 1 driver of the season 2020 at the Start. The winning formula-2-Pilot Guanyu Zhou prior to the Ex-holte-McLaren driver Stoffel Vandoorne.

This article was written by Sven Haidinger

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