Geneviève Schmidt, Ariane Moffatt, Véronic Dicaire, Anne-Elisabeth Bossé, Guylaine Tremblay… Director René Richard Cyr will be able to count on a five-star cast for his film adaptation of Belles-Sœurs, the musical theater play of Michel Tremblay’s classic .

Cinemaginaire producer Denise Robert unveiled the cast of the new musical film Les Belles-Sœurs on Wednesday. It is the actress Geneviève Schmidt who will play the mythical role of Germaine Lauzon. She will be surrounded by a list of exceptional actresses who will bring to life on the big screen this seminal work that launched the career of Michel Tremblay in 1968.

Anne-Élisabeth Bossé will play Rose Ouimet, Germaine’s sister, a colorful character created on stage by Denise Filiatrault. Véronic Dicaire will play Pierrette Guérin, cursed sister of Germaine. Ariane Moffatt will be Yvette Longpré, and Valérie Blais will take over the comic role of Lisette de Courval, the neighbor who “pearls” well and judges the other women who come to help Germaine Lauzon fill her books with gift stamps won in a contest.

We will also find Guylaine Tremblay (Thérèse Dubuc); Debbie Lynch-White (Des-Neiges Verrette); Pierrette Robitaille and Diane Lavallée will be the two spinsters, Rhéauna Bibeau and Angéline Sauvé. Finally, Jeanne Bellefeuille will be Linda Lauzon, Germaine’s daughter. Maxime Le Flaguais will play Johnny, Pierrette Guérin’s boyfriend, who does not appear in the theater.

After collaborating on the production of Belles-Sœurs, Daniel Bélanger will compose the music for the film, while choreographers Alexandre and Katerine Leblanc of TEAM WHITE (winners of the 1st season of Revolution) will sign the choreographies. Shooting for the film will begin on September 5 and continue until October 27. The theatrical release across Quebec is scheduled for July 2024.

Les Belles-Sœurs is adapted for the first time to the cinema. Since its creation at the Rideau Vert in August 1968, the play has been translated into forty languages ​​and performed all over the world. Its musical version on the boards, also directed by René Richard Cyr in 2010, was a huge success in Quebec and France.

The production provided a video where we see the actresses meeting for the first time… without knowing who is part of the distribution.