Recently it became known that Lufthansa had to take 900 flights from Frankfurt and Munich out of its program. According to a media report, the airline is now canceling another 2,200 flights – and of all things in the holiday months of July and August.

Lufthansa is canceling another 2,200 flights during the main holiday season due to staff shortages. The group will “take 2,200 of 80,000 flights at the hubs in Frankfurt am Main and Munich out of the system”, and there could also be changes in flight times, a company spokesman said on Thursday, confirming a report by “Bild” – Newspaper.

“In order to inform the passengers as early as possible, Lufthansa will now take another 2,200 of a total of around 80,000 flights at the hubs in Frankfurt and Munich out of the system for the summer – also on the other weekdays that have so far been less affected,” said the spokesman to the Sheet.

According to the spokesman, the cancellations particularly affect domestic German and intra-European flights, but not the classic holiday destinations that are well utilized during the holiday season.

“Flight safety strikes, weather events and, in particular, an increased corona sickness rate have now put an additional strain on the system,” said the Lufthansa spokesman on Thursday. There had been short-term sick leave in the past few days.

Lufthansa had previously announced that around 900 flights from Frankfurt and Munich would be canceled on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Passengers will be informed immediately in the event of cancellations and, if possible, rebooked on other suitable Lufthansa flights, as the spokesman announced. Alternatively, passengers could travel by train within Germany. “Flights in particular where our passengers can be offered a corresponding travel alternative by plane or train will be cancelled.”

Lufthansa did not take the decision lightly and regret the cancellations and the associated inconvenience for guests, the spokesman emphasized. However, the “flight plan consolidation” is an unavoidable measure with which the airline wants to ensure greater stability of the flight plan over the entire summer. The spokesman explained that this is intended in particular to prevent the procedures on the ground from being overloaded at peak times.

During the holiday season, passengers should get to the airport in good time and use digital services such as online check-in and check-in the night before, Lufthansa advised. Hand luggage should also be reduced to the bare essentials in order to avoid long waiting times at security checks.

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