Now is 73.919 danes have been tested for coronaviruses, shows the inventory from the Statens Serum Institut.

the Number of danes infected with the coronavirus continues to rise.

on Tuesday, the number of confirmed infected people has risen to 6496 persons.

this was stated by The Statens Serum Institute on the institute’s website.

Thus, the number of danes who are confirmed infected, increased by 178 people since Monday.

It is not all persons with symptoms be tested, and it is presumed that there is a large mørketal.

the Statens Serum Institute has previously estimated that the real number of infected people can be 30-70 times higher than the official figures.

It is among other things based on the experience from Iceland and Germany. In addition, based the estimate on the test of 1000 danes, who have donated blood.

The latest figures also show that in all 73.919 danes has been tested for coronaviruses.

This is an increase of 1820 persons, compared with Monday’s figures.

the Number of confirmed infected persons has increased by the day since the first case of coronasmitte was found at home 27. February.

Health authorities expect the number of infected and hospitalized will rise in coming weeks, when the society is gradually opened again.

Monday was the number of inpatients with Covid-19 – the disease, which is triggered by the coronavirus – 388 persons.

the Authorities have registered 285 coronarelaterede deaths.

It is persons who are deceased, after that they have previously identified coronaviruses.

Statens Serum Institut has in the past estimated that the load on hospitals will peak during the month of may with the 649 coronapatienter on the regular beds and 264 intensivpladser.

however, There is great uncertainty in the models. The number of infected people depends, particularly, on the population to keep a distance and have good hygiene.

Coronavirusset bread originally out in the megapolis Wuhan in central China in late december last year.

Since then, it has spread rapidly to countries across the globe.

worldwide, about 1.9 million people, according to Johns Hopkins University confirmed infected with coronavirusset.

119.766 people have lost their lives during the pandemic.