Whether you play casually, or you want to play the top titles on your desktop computer, there are times when you feel that you lack options. Luckily today, there are a lot of creative games, and our list features some of the most interesting games that you should add to your collection.

Casino Games

Casino games today are not only challenging, but they feature some of the best graphics, interesting themes, and plenty of possibilities to win amazing prizes. Actually, many reputable casino sites like Casimba offer a highly curated collection of first-class casino games for real money. Another advantage is that the sites are mobile-friendly, which means you have a great option to play on the move if you prefer it. It’s also worth mention that the gameplay is hundreds of times more interesting with awesome promotions and bonuses available for players on online casinos.


Vampyr is an action role-playing game but with RPG elements. It follows the journey of Dr. Jonathan Reid, who is a WWI veteran, but when he comes back home, he faces a deadly Spanish flu epidemic that has reached England. Not long after he returns home, he survives a deadly attack, but his life is changed forever because he wakes up as a vampire.

The game is a typical action game, and the main character needs to fight several enemies and ’bosses.’ However, the difficult part of the game is when you have to decide whether to kill characters that are important to the story because you will level up fast in the game, but you will lose your humanity, and there will be severe consequences for your actions.

Shadow of the Colossus

This is an action-adventure game with beautiful graphics and meditative, soothing music. Hence, there’s actually a great contrast between the fighting scenes and the overall atmosphere of the game.  The game follows the main character Wander who travels through a dangerous, magical land occupied by beings called the colossi because he wants to bring back to life a special girl Mono.

For this mission, he’s on his own and needs to defeat 16 enemies that differ from each other regarding their weak points, location, and combat style. Also, Wander does not know that there’s a quest to catch him, led by Emon. What makes this game unique is that each fighting scene is actually a mix of puzzles and action, which means you will certainly never get bored playing the game. The game is available on PlayStation.


It is a surprisingly award-winning title that features a simple but captivating story about a girl Florence. She lives alone, and while she battles her shyness, she meets an attractive cellist in the park. As you follow her story, they will become a couple, but some unexpected challenges will rock their relationship. The animation and music are just touching, and there are some exciting puzzles and decisions you need to make as you play the game. This game is available on PC and also Android, iOS devices.