The Danish authorities have found approximately 150 more coronasmittede.

The Danish authorities have identified infection with the coronavirus of 2555 persons. It shows an updated inventory from the Statens Serum Institut on Monday at half past ten.

the real number of The infected is considered to be higher than the observed, since not all people with symptoms are tested. Just as it is possible to have the virus without having the symptoms for a period of time.

so far, authorities have received a response on the 21.378 test.

in Addition, awaiting the medical response to a series of tests. Neither the missed test, or the tests have not yielded a clear result, are counted in the 21.378.

From both the authorities and the government, there has been a desire to make more tests.

the Goal is, according to the Danish Health and medicines authority to test 5000 people a day. It will correspond to the levels in Norway, which has a population close to the Danish.

In Monday’s statement, the authorities have received answers in 1180 several samples since the last update Sunday.

It may not necessarily be translated into that which has been taken 1180 samples since Sunday’s update.

It is due to that the samples must come back with an answer, and the answer shall be collected for the inventory. The delay can create gaps.

the national board of Health estimates that up against the 580,000 danes – about ten percent of the population – will be infected with corona virus in the first wave of the disease in the course of the spring.

Out of those infected, up to 11.200 danes be so sick of coronavirusset that they need to be hospitalized, and 2800 should have intensive treatment, sounds the assessment.

the Update for the number of infected does not contain an update on the number of inpatients. Saturday was the determination of the number of inpatients of 499 persons.

Of them was 131 in intensive care departments, with 113 of them in the respirator.