One Palestinian has died and at least 12 have reportedly been injured as Israeli troops fired at a group protesting against the building of Jewish settlements in the towns of Beita and Beit Dajan near Nablus.

On Friday, Palestinian media reported the locals had clashed with the Israeli Army in towns around Nablus in the occupied West Bank, citing sources within the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC).

Palestinian news agency SAFA said protestors had attended Friday prayers before heading toward the village of Beita, an Israeli settlement which has been the focus of near-daily demonstrations. The protesters shouted slogans highlighting their opposition to the occupation, SAFA reported. 

Israeli troops responded by firing stun grenades and rubber-coated rounds. Some reports also suggested that live fire was used. Local media said that at least 12 were injured by the gunfire and another 18 suffered from exposure to tear gas.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said in a Facebook post that one protester was killed after being shot in the head, despite being rushed to hospital. The young man was identified by AFP as Mohammed Ali Khabisa, 27.

Videos shared online also appear to show a protester being hurried into the back of an ambulance.  

Palestinian people & medics rush to help 28yr-old Mohammad Ali Khabisa after israeli “soldiers” shoot him in the head in Beita

An ongoing series of protests have been held in the area, with Palestinians demanding that the Israeli settlement in Beita be vacated and the lands returned. An agreement was reached that settlers would leave the outpost in July, but many of the buildings are still standing and Israeli troops remain.

In early August, one demonstrator was killed in clashes with Israeli forces. At least 140 Palestinians had been injured a couple of weeks earlier, as Israeli forces sought to break up another demonstration.

Under international law, the land the settlement is built on is recognized as Palestinian, and the Israeli program had been condemned around the world.

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