Yugra, according to analysts, took third place, ahead only Moscow and St. Petersburg. The region maintains its position at the top of the leaderboard socio-economic situation of the regions of Russia due to the positive dynamics of growth of most of the data showing the development of the region.

– all the key macroeconomic indicators of Yugra is a positive trend, – said Deputy Governor of Ugra Nicholas Milkis, namely: industrial production, investment in fixed capital, real wages, the commissioning of residential homes, retail trade turnover and volume of paid services to the population.

Note: in the region, according to last year, decreased the number of people with incomes below the subsistence minimum.

Yugra occupies the first place among subjects of Russia in oil production, energy production, second in natural gas production, industrial manufacturing, third in terms of investment in fixed assets. So held in the district investment policy allowed to attract to the region’s economy 953,5 billion rubles of investments. Yugra at the third position of the ranking in terms of investment per capita denominated in 571,2 thousand (RF – humidity 131.6 thousand rubles). The County is in the top ten for quality of life.

In 2019, the gross regional product of Ugra for the first time now exceeds four trillion rubles. Significant growth in the extractive industry.

Yugra is still the main oil-producing region of the country: 42,1 % of Russia’s total oil production – Ugra.

the Budget system of the County characterized by indicators of sustainability and stability. Yugra traditionally provides about fifteen percent of income on taxes, duties and other mandatory payments to the consolidated budget of Russia.

indicators of the level of living of the population in nominal expression remains one of the highest in the country. By the end of 2019, the region is in the top three among the subjects of the Ural Federal district and in the top ten among the subjects of the Russian Federation by level of incomes and wages.

the County is among the regions with the lowest registered unemployment rate (ranked 4th), on January 1, 2020, the figure amounted to 0.44 percent of the economically active population (RF – 0,90 %).

In recent years, autonomy holds a position in the top three leading regions of Russia for the share of jobless citizens, opened own business. Half of them today continues to carry out its activities.

Yugra remains in the first position and demographic indicators. Thus, the fertility rate in tenth place in the country. The rate of natural increase of the population of the County in fifth place. The birth rate in Ugra 2.1 times higher mortality rate.

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the Socio-economic situation in 2019 compared to the previous improved in 69 regions of Russia, the leaders remain the major financial and industrial centers, as well as regions of raw materials.

Analyzed in the course of the rating, the experts divided into four groups: indicators of the scale of economy, its efficiency, and the numbers characterizing the development of the budget and social spheres.