Nevertheless, the commercial — formally titled”Hey Kid, Grab!” — was not too much gas to picture.

Greene himself acknowledged as much in a 1992 interview, where he maintained that he drank 24 Cokes during a single day of filming, completing each bottle in only a couple of gulps.

“Between me belching and moving into the men’s area, it took three days to picture it,” Greene joked in a statement shared using all the Baltimore Sun. (Coca-Cola says poor weather also played a part in extending the fire, although the firm confessed Greene “fought” to receive out his lines after chugging the 16-ounce Cokes.)

The Clio Award-winning firm was also accountable reshaping Greene’s formerly intimidating”public character,” based Coca-Cola. Inside, Greene initially rebuffs a kid (Tommy Okon) who gives him a Coke after a match, simply to rethink, chug the Coke, and supply the boy his jersey.

“Little children were no more fearful of me, and elderly folks — both men and women — would develop and provide me a Coke,” Greene once recalled of their firm’s effect at a Coca-Cola occasion.

As odd as it might look,”Hey Kid, Grab!” Did debut during the Super Bowl, however through the 1979 MLB playoffs before broadcasting months after through Super Bowl XIV. Even stranger, it starred a totally different NFL expert, based on Coca-Cola.

McCann Erickson, the marketing agency that developed the idea for its commercial, had also contemplated Tony Dorsett, Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach. Greene, however, is thrilled that he was finally chosen for the character.

“Aside from soccer, it has been my entire life,” he explained.