with The growth in China will slow sharply as a result of the corona virus, and it might even be able to drop down to only +0,1% compared to +6.1% in 2019. According to a worst-case scenario, that of the world Bank on Monday has been released.

The setting is in Washington, stressed that the expansion of the second largest economy in the world, a basisschatting of 2.3% is a possibility, but warned that the effects of the pandemic is longer to be felt than expected in the pessimistic scenario, it may be convenient to you.

in Addition, the reduction of poverty in the region of South-east Asia and the Pacific, at a much slower rate than anticipated in comparison to estimates in prior to the pandemic, estimates of the Couch. With 24 million people that are going to be able to get out of this armoedesituatie to come. Even worse, the number of poor people could, in the worst-case scenario, even with more than 11 million may be increased.

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