After a hard day’s work, Stephen Munoz Espinoza (43) from Delray Beach wanted to try his luck with a lottery ticket. With little expectation, Stephen entered the local supermarket where the tickets could be purchased. When he entered the shop, he probably didn’t expect that a stranger who would push him in front of him would make him extremely lucky that day. One thing should be said: If Stephen had remained vehement and hadn’t let the stranger push him in front, his bank balance would probably have looked different today.

While Stephen was standing at a lottery ticket machine and wanted to make his day with a bit of a chance of winning, a stranger tried to squeeze in front of him. No reason for Stephen to get upset or make a scene. “Rather than say anything, I decided to just buy a ticket at the counter instead,” explained Munoz Espinoza, quite relaxed. So the big surprise followed at the counter: Here he bought a scratch card – and it was actually a win. However, the profit was also of considerable size. The scratch ticket earned him a total of one million dollars. Well, one is happy about impudent pushers.

The overjoyed Stephen couldn’t believe his eyes when he held the winning ticket in his hands: “I can’t believe I won a million dollars!” Munoz Espinoza said in a press release. However, Stephen was overjoyed to receive his prize. Thanks to an instant payment that the American opted for, $820,000 went into his account. Stephen and his wife now want to use the profits to buy a new home for their family. Despite the cheeky queue move, the day turned out to be his personal lucky day for Stephen Munoz Espinoza.

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