With the epidemic of the coronavirus status of

Checking readiness of the troops of NBC protection to the risk of infection and spread of viral infections Checking readiness of the troops of NBC protection to the risk of infection and spread of viral infections to check the readiness of NBC troops to the risk of infection and spread of viral infections
the Ministry of defence / YouTube test of the readiness of NBC troops to the risk of infection and spread of viral infections
the Ministry of defence / YouTube

During an outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, which in Russia by 30 March 1836, there are 71 cases in the region to the fore the people, which in normal times do not remember.

This is the microbiologists, virologists, epidemiologists, specialists whose knowledge is now in demand in the first place. Among them special place is occupied by military experts of a similar profile, since they will act in critical situations, despite the threat to their own lives as combating coronavirus has equated the current peacetime to action almost fighting.

last week, the defense Ministry held a special exercise on localization of emergency situations (es) associated with the threat of viral infections. They passed on grounds “Cyril” (Leningrad oblast), “shoulder Strapsovo” (Voronezh region), Mulino (Nizhny Novgorod region), “Sverdlovsk” (Ekaterinburg), “Roschinskiy” (Samara region), “Chebarkul” (Chelyabinsk region) and “Yurga” (Kemerovo region). In these exercises was involved the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection (NBC), designed to protect against weapons of mass destruction through the use of special equipment.

the Military also conducted a special exercise to combat the spread of coronavirus on the border with China in the Amur region, Primorye and Khabarovsk Krai. In addition to the military attracted to them police officers, CPS, firefighters and civilian doctors. Relevant services worked cooperation in the detection, transport potentially infected person, the evacuation of passengers, disinfection of premises and vehicles.

In the four regions of the Russian Federation has created troops to combat the coronavirus, composed of troops NBC. They have “armed” engineering mobile systems of chemical protection, decontamination of military kits, water dispensing stations ARS-14KM heat engine special processing techniques TMS-65У, systems field laboratories KLP-10, special engineering machinery, etc.

it is Particularly important that NBC professionals are a dual purpose, as they can solve problems not only in war but also in peacetime, write “Arguments and Facts”. So these troops at the moment provide the necessary assistance to the victim from COVID-19 of Italy which is left without the support of allies and in the European Union, and NATO. Although relations between Russia and NATO for a long time in a protracted crisis in the current situation, assistance to the Italian Republic from the Russian Federation was dictated by an entirely different principle of life is above politics.

Viagraprice for the delivery of assistance of Italy in fighting the virus was created on March 21 by order of the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu. And already on March 26 the Russian humanitarian mission was in the throes of an epidemic of Bergamo. In the part of the Russian group mobile diagnostic equipment, machine for disinfection and what is especially lacking these days Italians – medical equipment for helping seriously ill people. Italy has deployed machines for disinfection and degassing of two samples. They are designed for decontamination purposes. The treating of contaminated sites is the first step to reduce the number of cases.

In the history of the Russian army already there were cases when the military virologists literally saved the population of the country. So it was during the outbreak of smallpox in Moscow in 1959, was an unprecedented operation on localization of infectious disease, brought to the Soviet Union by one man, which failed to prevent the epidemic in the country and its spread outside of the Soviet Union, as well as to conduct mass vaccination 5 559 670 Muscovites and more than 4 million residents of the Moscow region.

And 20 years later, in 1979, the military fought with the outbreak of anthrax in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), when according to official figures killed 64 people.

Russian “hisvoice” together with the military doctors also worked on the elimination of outbreaks of plague, tularemia, yellow, and other fevers.

However, in 1992, the wave of “democratization” independent structure responsible for biological safety in the country, was abolished. Was closed and the only test site in the Aral sea island of Vozrozhdeniya, reminiscent of “AIF”. Unique specialists-virologists don’t know what it is like epidemic and how to deal with them in large numbers reduced, and the remaining was transferred to the new structure, the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection (NBC), whose development was not the priority, as the cold war ended, and on the chemical and bacteriological weapon was not even mentioned…

it took a lot of time and effort to the defense Ministry to these voiceOzoli different formulations designed not only for the smoke masking effects.

the Cordon and special processing risk areas, operational, and safe for the environment evacuation of the infected is all to the service of the chemical corps, whose soldiers are ready to come to the patient protection, which is not a terrible plague.

As the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu, commenting on the dissatisfaction of sending Russian troops in Italy, when the territory of the Russian Federation is also an epidemic, “the Russian army is ready to fight COVID-19 not only in the Apennines, but at home.” According to the chief of chemical corps of Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, in Italy, were sent only one brigade of the 15 available. 20 machines for a special treatment of more than 2 thousand at the disposal of the defense Ministry, and 66 of about 20 thousand military troops NBC. So it does effect on combat readiness and Russia’s security.