– Europe intends to gradually abandon fossil fuels, passing on the hydrogen – says the rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University Artem Fights. And if we do not change its energy, the hydrogen economy of Europe it will be difficult to build. It’s not about the fact that Russia has become a hydrogen power with a massive consumption of this energy. Rather to gradually replace the supply in Europe of natural gas and oil to hydrogen.

the Supervisory Council of the “hydrogen valley” will include large industrial enterprises. This will not only create hydrogen technologies, but also to implement them in the real economy, scale production. In addition, in Tomsk, you may receive the engineering scientific and technical centre. Among its main objectives the creation of infrastructure for localization providers, development solutions, high-tech products, as well as the effective cooperation of science and business.

Each of the scientific organizations included in the consortium already has a number of developments ready for implementation in prototypes. So, on the Sakhalin project on the use of the first trains on hydrogen fuel. It is developed here for several years. In Tomsk Polytechnic University since 2005 began to train specialists in this field to develop several promising technologies for hydrogen production, particularly from natural gas, biomass and waste. Interesting projects are in the Institute of catalysis SB RAS, for example, vehicles running on hydrogen. As for hydrogen filling stations, the first pilot plant could be on the streets of major cities in the next three years.

Scientists agree that hydrogen fuel cells will cost more than the usual fuel, but today, in the foreground, not the economy, and climate policy, reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. This is the goal of the Paris agreement on climate signed by nearly 200 countries. But hydrogen is one of the most promising sources. According to the international Council for Hydrogen to 2050 this gas will account for 18 percent of total global energy consumption.