The cycling of André Meganck is at the age of 72 has died. The wielerspecialist has worked for many years behind-the-scenes of the public television broadcaster, where he has all of the major races went through. The VRT is reporting that a Meganck at home, died of a heart attack. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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From 1976 until 2015, was André Meganck is on the first floor of all the major cycling events. He started out as a driver, commentator, Fred De Bruyne, but there is, thanks to its versatility, the perfect assistant, and the comments of the public broadcasting service. He was one of them in his stuurkunsten, and technical know-how, his determination to coureursvoor the microphone to work with a network of contacts. It resulted in the term ” Meesterfixer on. In the shadows, working bother him in the least.

Meganck, made for six Olympic Games and In 39 of Tours (of which nine out of the engine), 26 transfers, and thirteen in the tour of spain’s’forty-several world CHAMPIONSHIPS with them. In the meantime, even with all of the important classics, and veldritten. Fabian Cancellara has called for him not to be the father of the race”. On each of the rider Meganck is a story.
Live travel

From 2016, and he brought with him a book full of memoirs from. “With a live travel agent”, he described himself. There he reports that, in 2004, the start-up of the ‘Very’ – are the biggest names the year it was.“240 out of 356 days, I was away from home. Everything I did during that period of time.”The centre is a stroomvloed of facts, stories, and oral histories.

you may Also at his retirement, remained a Meganck ready for the race. He did that often, this year alone, I have come to the nearly 11,000-kilometre”, he said, in 2016.

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