The quintessential aspect behind the growth of any company is a solid marketing strategy. The need to strategize and market your products according to the growing trends in the business industry is as important as coming up with the business idea itself.

Now with all these marketing trends out in the open ranging from social media promotions to billboard advertising, you find yourself perplexed and overwhelmed.

But before delving too deep into the article, let us gather a bit about what promotional products are and their necessity in coming times.

What are Promotional Products?

Promotional merchandise is a branded product that is offered by a company or institute for the sake of marketing. These goods are mostly required to represent a brand, institution identity or event. They are termed freebies, promo products and promotional merchandise among other things.

This has emerged as the new trend in the industry as an eco-friendly, economy-friendly solution to advertising in recent days. With that in mind, give us the liberty to tell you why, among all these promotional strategies, using custom promotional water bottles is the best!

1.   The grand exposure

Stating the obvious, water is not a luxury but a necessity. Meaning, you are more likely to gulp down four litres of water a day than consume anything else in a similar quantity. With such a large consumption rate, your target audience is likely going to give more attention to a water bottle that they carry around with them, rather than stopping and analysing billboard posters of your company. Branding your company through customized bottles is thus, a great idea.

Through the company-imprinted customized bottles, you are more likely to become a household name than with any other mode of advertisement. You may also choose to etch out a company catchphrase (in case you have any) along with the company logo.

The best aspect of this whole ordeal is the fact that YOU get to choose the message you want to put across through this branding process. Through decoration and labeling, you get to decide what personality you want your business to take up through the course of its running period.

One way of increasing promotional value is by sending out these customised items to influencers across social platforms as sponsorship. They may add to the value of your branding by speaking in favour of the company and doing promotions on your behalf, using YOUR supplies. Good reviews from influencers really do boost market reach a lot.

2.   You care for the environment

Yes, you know that you sincerely do care about your surroundings, but growing in an industry-based market system makes it hard for you to show that you care. Your customers need to know how much you are willing to give for the sake of the nature that surrounds you. Therefore, use a sustainable, eco-friendly medium for promoting your brand.

By promoting the usage of these stainless bottles, you are essentially helping in reducing the usage of non-recyclable plastic. Use reusable materials for the production of these bottles in order to make them an eco-friendly option. You are also limiting the possibility of packaging waste.

3.   Longevity

As opposed to the non-recyclable, cheap and harmful plastic bottles out in the market, your custom bottles are durable and standard. This durability puts you at an advantage.

The very fact that these are not use-and-throw garbage proves that they can be reused and taken anywhere along with the customer, spreading awareness for your logo and in turn, bringing you new customers along the way.

4.   Easy access and economical

Television advertisements and promotional products have only one thing in common- they provide exposure to the company. But while advertisements include grand monetary inputs and creative, appealing ideas, promotional products like reusable water bottles are an affordable alternative. It is something common yet essential. This is exactly what the customers want.

Customers demand easily accessible and useful products and there come your custom bottles, knocking at their doorsteps!

Manufacturing and marketing these bottles do not even require a large amount of monetary investment. They can be manufactured mechanically in a very short span of time, in any customized style and colour. They can be transported across any part of the world without worries of damage that occurs through transportation.

5.   Multi-faceted usage of the product

One of the best things about water bottles is how widely they are used. The necessity of carrying a water bottle with you at all times brings in the possibility and condition of its usage by literally everyone, irrespective of location, gender or age. Be it a kindergarten school kid, or a post-graduate scholar. Everyone needs to be hydrated.

On the basis of the scale of target customers, your custom printed drinking bottles can be promoted anywhere. Reusable water bottles can come pretty handy to a nine to five office employee, a gold-medalist athlete as well as a real estate agent. This product comes in handy everywhere!

You may choose to customise your bottles in terms of their

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Texture and
  • Materials used

Based on your customer’s preference, you may choose to promote the following types of water bottles:

  • Aluminium bottle – This is the perfect fit for people in need of strong, durable containers for hydration.
  • stainless steel bottle- This is the fashionista among customized water bottles, so you know what you’re selling is always in the trend.
  • Insulated water bottle- This is a match made in heaven for those who wish to drink cold water from time to time. Let hydration be soothing!
  • BPA Free bottle – These water containers ensure safety and cleanliness when it comes to water consumption.
  • Glass water bottle- For the final option in the list, you need to search for bottles sold as wholesale wine glasses bulk for that is a more economical way to manufacture and produce. However, these bottles are not durable and are not long-lived, oftentimes.

These bottles can be widely used for fundraisers, promotional events and charity programs along with sponsorships. Promote these through brand ambassadors in colleges, universities and institutions alike to create hype about your business among youngsters. Let them spread the word!


It is therefore established that custom printed drinking bottles are the best affordable promotional merchandise that can be easily availed, yet may help spread the word about your business across continents!