Science is in A car with a remote control that has more range, when you put it against your head. Many of you will have the key already, or tried it and found that it’s true. But why do we do this? For Lo, they sought it out.

from A car key against your head and hold for a larger range: it really does work. That’s because you’re the head of the signal from the remote control unit be strengthened. According to professor Roger Bowley, from the University of Nottingham is in the water in the top of your head. It is simply to ensure that the interaction between the electromagnetic waves and the water is all in your head.


As you head for the eighty-five percent of the water is, the electromagnetic waves amplified, as he reports in a video on the Youtubekanaal of the university.The electromagnetic field causes the water molecules have a positive charge in one direction and negative particles in the opposite direction. This phenomenon is called oscillation, and therefore, the electro-magnetic waves through your head, going through the only is the key.

water Bottle

According to Bowley, it’s a perfect way to get your car back if you lose it in a parking garage. It works well when you have your car for a bottle of water, but you’re actually more likely you’ll head to a bottle of water. There is one more point of note: it only works when the keys make use of radio waves. With the keys that work with an infra-red electro-magnetic radiation), it does not work, how to apply DiplyFacts on his Facebook page.