Why human labor is still cheaper than machines

In his opinion, for the successful application of robotic systems need a kind of matrix that covers the entire production chain. Vertical it go to the Executive team, horizontal – incoming raw materials, produced with them the process and output of finished products. “There is no uniform standard that would link primary production with all subcontractors and partners, this widely implement robotic technology fails. Only fragmentary, in some cases,” explains the Old.

the Price of robotics is much greater than the cost of human labor, and the implementation requires time, told in the Ministry of industry. Because of this the appropriateness of its use should be considered for each case separately. And to work on the machine without human help, and still will not. “It is necessary to consider that the dynamics of employment of workers in the robot industry in the leading countries in the density of robotics shows that increasing the number of robots is happening and a parallel increase in the number of jobs”, – said the Agency.

“Robotics is effective when it is not a point of applying for individual manufacturing processes, and a complex process, noted Old. – There must be integration of industrial and information technologies and systems without human intervention. Then it will work and will be economically justified. In the meantime, we are only talking about individual elements.”

Major foreign suppliers of robotics and decisions based on it for production begin to come to market only when they sell more than a thousand systems per year. Russia this mark was crossed only in 2018.

most of robotics in Russia is used in the automotive industry (about 40%) and mechanical engineering. Main applications – cutting and welding metals. Then there are the logistics robots for warehouse operations, robots in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. “The robot can very quickly with the utmost precision to weld, it fixed itself, approached the item, he has a clear algorithm: at what point, at what angle and what time we must act – said the Old. – How quickly and certainly can not work. But the robot needs is a standard item. If there is some flaw, he will just stand. The inability to achieve from suppliers of absolute commonality of components greatly limits the use of robots in practice.”

However the success stories of domestic production of robots. So, a Novosibirsk company Grinik Robotics has developed an automated line for the production of medical masks one of the most popular in these days products. “Got��camping unique history: the industrial complex is nine million rubles. He makes 140 thousand masks per day. That is, when the price of the product in 20 rubles per day, he makes a turnover of three million. Accordingly, return on such investment is the biggest in a few weeks. But such a fantastic arithmetic in robotics I have never seen,” – said the head of the company Mikhail Grigoriev. According to him, most of the communication with potential customers is different. Knowing that the price of the technical solution starts from half a million rubles, heads of production immediately in the mind is divided into the salary of the migrant and shrug. Say, for 200 Grand I’d have bought it, but for the money, easier for people to hire.

At the same time the successful application of robotics in industry, according to experts, allows to increase the effectiveness of the performance of the implemented operations in the production of not less than 40%, according to the Ministry of industry and trade. The level of economic efficiency from the use of robotics in industry is highly dependent on the structure of the production processes of the enterprise, as well as social and cultural aspects of the enterprise. That is, the interaction between primary and secondary production that is the biggest challenge.