Royalty-free Now Megxit is officially behind us, the British prince Harry (35) and Meghan Markle (of 38) had returned to the United States of america. Initially, they made it known that they will be in Canada, would have to be, but because of the coronacrisis they deversnelde the decision to go to the united States to pull out. That makes sense, Meghan, because of her family’s lives. But Harry had his reasons.

The couple was looking for a specific home, Malibu, Pacific Palisades along the Pacific Coast Highway. Not too far from where Diana’s mother, had to be completed in 1997. The Malibu was the droomwoonplaats. Her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, had been the location of choice. The plan was to first get married and then across the ocean. However, they were both to die before they had the chance to actually move it.

you can also Read a GLIMPSE. This luxury villa is in Malibu, and want to be on Harry and Meghan are going to live,

“Harry, it was always very close to his mother,” says a friend of the couple. “They have been for 18 months, have been looking for a house in that area. It could be that he feels that way, with her feeling of connection.”


in order For Meghan to return to the US to return to the house. They lived for some years in Canada when she starred in the series “Suits,” but she’s coming to LA. “She wanted to go to Malibu, then to us, having regard to the Malibu not so far away from LA city.” And it lives there still and her mother, Doria Ragland. It is the only family member to whom she is very close with.

“at the moment, they are hiring a villa in Bel-Air,” said the source. “But they’re still looking for a home that will be their permanent home will be. They already have one in mind.” The American press think of in the meantime, have to figure out which house it is.

luxury villa

Meghan was one more very important condition is that the premises had to be met: they had meetings to be able to keep track of their work. In addition, it also had to be more than adequate for your family and friends to a good time. To meet the requirements of the pied-a-terre in Malibu, for sure. The house consists of eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, an outdoor swimming pool with a BBQ area, a cinema, a dance studio, and much, much more. The villa is situated on a secure private road, so they don’t have to worry about the public eye.

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