all the shops and Restaurants have to close, operators break away of orders, factories lack of subcontracting for their production. The Corona-crisis paralyzes many areas of the economy. Therefore, a total of 470,000 companies have shown in Germany, in the meantime, short-time work. But there is also the other side: In the industries in which work cannot continue and must is so much to do, that part hands desperately people wanted. An Overview:

discounters and supermarkets

“One of the biggest challenges in the food trade is currently to have sufficient staff for logistics, sales and goods verräumung available,” says Stefan Hertel from the German trade Association (HDE), with a view to the Corona-crisis. The companies in the sector are therefore urgently looking for new employees.

Aldi Süd has set in recent weeks around 2200 part-time workers. The company also benefited from the collaboration with McDonald’s. The Burger giant gave the Discounter’s own employees, due to the store closures were not needed. Also the sister company Aldi Nord benefited from the collaboration with McDonald’s.

competitor Lidl increased its Teams in the stores and Warehouses also. “At both national and at the regional level, collaborations with companies, which are not able to employ their staff in the current Situation,” said a Lidl spokeswoman.

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affected, The supermarket chain Rewe to speak to their own information, at present, groups such as students, of the closure of the universities. In addition, Rewe am in contact with companies whose employees are currently on short-time work – from the areas of gastronomy, tourism and textiles, reported a company spokesman. Would be looking for temporary labourers. Several Thousand volunteers had already been reported.


Around 300,000 seasonal workers are normally on Germany’s fields to harvest fruit, vegetables and wine. Now it will be because of the travel restrictions will be much less. After all, should be allowed to enter the country in April and in may each of the 40,000 seasonal workers from Eastern Europe, subject to conditions, as on Thursday, it was decided. Harvest workers can also work longer, to social insurance – instead of the previous 70 days 115 days are now possible.

a number of Online platforms help in the mediation in order to find even seasonal workers. The farmers ‘Association and the General Association of the German agricultural and Forestry employers’ Association (GLFA) offer this Service for free now. On a other Portal of the chambers of agriculture around 1000 interested people came forward within a matter of days already.

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IT and telecommunications

a technician of the telecommunication operators are working to keep the infrastructure Running, because the Internet and the telephone are more in demand than ever.

The industry Association Bitkom expects, however, in spite of the high demand for the services with an economic downturn in the IT and telecommunications industry. This is also due to the shortage of skilled workers. By the end of 2019 of 124,000 IT had been-have been vacant, said a Google spokesman. This number had doubled in the past two years, more than. With a reversal of the trend by the Corona-crisis is not expected. In the case of Deutsche Telekom, no new settings are currently planned, a spokesman said. (Display)

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health sector

Also in German hospitals, the Corona-a crisis exacerbated rather an old Problem: before you could Put about 17,000 nurses, and 3,500 Doctors, not occupy, says a spokesperson for the German hospital society (DKG). The good news is that Because the clinics are predictable because of the large burden due to the pandemic and non-essential treatments postponed, staff become free. Especially to Doctors and nurses who have left the industry, advertise the clinics now. They belonged to the main target group of the Job-campaigns. “It will be recruited, also, increasingly, employees who are currently in retirement or Parental leave, or already in retirement.”

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Dramatic the image, the DCT features is not, however, the patient numbers have increased not excessive, also not yet infected too many employees and were therefore.

Also, the German professional Association for nursing (DBfK) has yet been no great rush of Corona patient”, especially those with a need for intensive therapy”. Considerably more problematic is the Situation in residential care for the elderly is. “Here, there was already before the crisis, a serious personnel shortage, the now due to Sickness, quarantines, reinforced,” said Association spokeswoman Johanna stick. “In addition, Care will need to be increasingly made providing otherwise, are often also relatives.”

pharmaceuticals and medical technology

Pharma companies are currently operating special shifts and work “full use of its possibilities”, reports the German Association of medicinal product manufacturers. We are doing everything possible to secure in times of high demand, the production of medicines. “Medicines are always required, regardless of the Corona-crisis,” stressed the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical industry (BPI). The drug companies increased in times of great demand, the production capacities, which could also be the need for workers significantly delayed.

The Association of research-based pharmaceutical companies (vfa) is of stable numbers employed in the industry, says President Han Steutel. “The research-based pharmaceutical companies in Germany have their hands full, to develop vaccines against Corona, and to deliver drugs that might work against.”

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