No matter what part of the United States you are currently living in, you’ll have likely heard all the buzz about Knoxville. For those living under a rock, and somehow unaware of all the excitement, Knoxville is well on its way to being one of the most popular cities for those looking to relocate.


Why is that though?Just because it’s ended up being the right move for plenty of the new residents making their way into Tennessee doesn’t make it right for everyone. If you are considering it, let’s make sure you are making the right decision before grabbing some Knoxville Real Estate.

The Cost Of Living

Speaking of real estate, it only makes sense to tackle this first. Making this short and sweet, Knoxville is quite affordable. When looking anywhere in the United States, the cost of a home is going to be the biggest factor and there is only good news to report when looking at Tennessee. On average, the cost of a home in the city is going to come up around 15% cheaper than what you’d find in other cities throughout the country.


Thankfully, the savings don’t stop at real estate. Those moving from higher cost of living areas will be pleased to learn that seemingly everything they’re spending their hard earned money on will seem all the more affordable, from their groceries to their nights out. For any type of purchase, your money will seem to go further than you would have thought possible.

The Job Market

For those unsure what their professional futures hold, there’s nothing more they can ask for than a place like Knoxville. With plenty of currently open positions, and a job market that’s set to outpace the amount of new residents coming in, whatever you might have been curious about jobs-wise might very well be yours for the taking.


A few of the industries most excited to bring in new candidates include retails, healthcare (with a particular need for nursing positions), and truck driving. While not all those positions can be done without prior training or education, a more entry level job in the field is always the perfect way to break into the position of your dreams.

The Climate

Another obvious impact on how it’s going to feel living somewhere is what the weather is going to be like from season to season. To no surprise, Tennessee is going to be a little on the warmer side and Nashville is no exception to that. Don’t feel like that’s going to be to the level of discomfort, but it might be a little muggier in the summer if you were used to a dryer heat.


During the coldest times of the year, the temperature will hang just below freezing but there won’t be many colder days than that. Snow will happen on occasion, but that’s also something that’s not going to happen all that often. Obviously not during the winter, but there will be more rain than new residents might have expected.