What will be remembered for the final film of the festival

As we saw at the festival, our film is now often resemble Chekhov’s atmosphere: lovely idleness, the quiet waters of the pond under the terrace, transparent tree crowns, as would optional the replica of lame characters… Nostalgic for the brilliant motto of Chekhov’s art: “people drink tea, and at this time…”.Only in this contest at least three paintings reminded Chekhov – directly (“End of season”) or indirectly (“Sunday”, “Above the sky”).

Photo: kinopoisk.ru Premiere of the film “a Fairy” Anna Melikyan with Khabensky will be held in the Network

“Above the sky” by Oksana Karas – drama of family relationships, a fractured. First, that it conquers, the operator Sergey Michelskeho, his poetic camera equally tenderly touches and shining foliage, and female flesh, which in the picture a lot. Instead of the lordly manor – the old-fashioned suburban resort, instead of philosophizing intellectuals – the family of the famous Director-animator: the wife and the daughter, who is ill with heart disease and lives under the watchful supervision of a vigilant mother. Is optional girlish chatter in the open air – and there’s a new wave of “women’s cinema” presents itself with all the previously inaccessible screens frankness. People drink coke, but this time… bring out the secret family problems: his wife has long lost interest to each other, the wife only inspires the idea of the protection of the family hearth, and the husband is looking at a good friend’s daughter. In the river found a corpse, and in the woods – a young man, a paraglider pilot with a dark secret…

Photo: kinopoisk.ru Alexander Robak and Anna Mikhalkova work “on deleteEncke”

I will Not spoil, although this picture is more important is not what happens, and how. There is even a criminal lining that makes you worry for the characters. Oksana Karas makes the film and bravely, offering unusual (sometimes optional) measure of intimacy and old – fashioned not paying attention to the age discrepancy, like in the movies of the 50’s, why teen girls in puberty play a full-fledged actress. However, the experience of the old cinema and theatre have proven the feasibility and even the usefulness of such a method: art full of conventions, and the youth of hamlet’s rarely played by the actor under the age of forty.

Painting is sensual and atmospheric: its look – as I listen to music. This movie is a rare guest on our screens, and the Director Oksana Karas, not long ago launched just in time for the festival “Double two”, was loved by the audience because he writes his watercolor paintings fine brush, and her handwriting is not like any other.

reviews From the audience of”Fuel”

From this movie I broke a wind roof. From the first shots blew Gale-force enthusiasm of the 20-ies – 30-ies. was Suggestive of a movie camera Dziga Vertov, alive in memory himicheskie enthusiasm of Andrei Platonov, glorifying the coming of the Machines, and the lines Lebedeva-kumacha “Oh you, horses you, horses of steel”. Flashed a proud thought: I do not on the 90th anniversary of pioneer of Soviet tractor of the Fordson started the movie? But very soon was chilling insight and pierced a horror. The machine designed to give diesel fuel for the tractor, it turns out that itself requires fuel. Guess what!? Yes, Yes, Yes! It is of the flesh and blood of living creatures. The winds changed direction, flew to pieces zakoulochkam, wind blew ominous: from “war of the worlds” by Hg wells to “Blood drive” by David Straithan. And here after all what business. Machine-Moloch, the machine-vampire, everything else fascinates and hypnotizes its victim. And now, in this sacrifice I know myself – a victim of civilization and a lab rat to her finds up to online communication, which I’m doing at the moment. A-a-a!!! 10 out of 10.

Ivan Lydian-Blower

Photo: kinopoisk “the Perfect nanny” as a perfect example of the feminist wave in the movie”His daughter”

the Second day has not let go of this movie. Before the eyes of the characters, trying to figure out what about them that is impossible to forget. The outward simplicity – amazing depth, mystery, something divine. The film some magic. Impossible to put down from the first minute. It all absolutely is a true work of art. Music is something special. Actors do not play, and live. I do not want to analyze all the components of the film, is the soul and mind remained whole image. I want to say words of admiration and gratitude to the Director Tatiana Everstova! And composer Jiri to Eger!



Unusually for the festival the format of this picture. One hundred percent of the cash movie. Youth scene, funky music, glitz, glamour, cars, overcoming himself, friendly team of like-minded children with hearing problems, and everyone is happy in the end, even hard-headed bigwig show business. Well made work, designed for a large audience. And again remains to raise your hands: how this film in cinemas has not got? Not in the least inferior, in my opinion, the billion to “Slave”.

Nikolai Chelnokov