Benefits package or is missing from the description of the job, or their description is repeated from the previous ad, now applicants on this factor is pay minimal attention, almost in one voice said to the representatives of the respondents on employment services. Virtually all employers have ceased to provide much of the included in the social package of services.

“the Benefits are only interested in corporate sector employees middle and senior level to pandemic, they played a very significant role in the choice of work, – said head of the Center for studies of income and living standards of HSE Alina pishniak. – The vast majority – and now virtually all – more importantly, the very possibility of formal employment and receiving a regular paycheck.”

According to a Russian study of the Randstad employer brand research (data collection was completed February 10), dissatisfaction with the benefits package is among the main reasons for a job change. The three most popular elements additional holidays, medical insurance and reimbursement for travel and cellular phones.

on the one hand, the set of benefits of benefits – goodwill of the employer. But if conditions described in the labor contract or local legal act, the specified benefits package becomes the responsibility of the employer, explained the head of Antimonopoly regulation of state orders of the legal company A. T. LEGAL Love Bozhenko. And then the staff has the right to require the provisions of benefits: the worker can demand compensation or replacement of any components of the social package.

In some cases, modification or termination of benefits supervisor will need to coordinate these measures with a representative body of workers. If the benefits package spelled out in the employment contract, for an immediate adjustment would require the consent of the employee. Unilaterally, the head can change these conditions only with a prior notice of two months.

it is Clear that in the difficult moment of trying to squeeze all possible benefits from the management is quite reasonable. But leave your staff without the usual measures of additional support is not quite right.

“Instead of disputes about who owes what to whom, is to develop a new benefits package, to ensure that the company has enough resources – recommends Bozhenko. – Memberships at health clubs can be replaced by a subscription to an online training, full-time foreign language courses – in class, on the Internet and so on. With these new options you can then register in the new local legal act of the organization and thereby eliminate possible conflicts.”