What are the chances of getting insurance when the death from coronavirus

the Maximum amount by which today it is possible to insure against death from coronavirus, is one million. It will pay to the heirs upon the occurrence of the insured event.

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According to Kuznetsova, before signing the contract it is important to clarify the contents of the document confirming the onset of the insured event. She explained that death due to coronaviruses cannot be taken literally. Death does not occur due to infectious diseases and from complications which it causes. So, in the coroner’s report will contain the main diagnosis for the lesion of the organs or systems caused by a coronavirus. For example, pneumonia. Confirm that the insured was sick COVID-19, will only doctor in the presence of laboratory tests for infection.

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Even evidence that the pneumonia was due to a coronavirus, is not always enough. A number of insurance companies in terms of the contract prescribed the same wording that the payment in case of death of a relative due to the coronavirus can be obtained, if he had “newly diagnosed disease group X “of the respiratory” ICD-10 (international classification of diseasess). “It should be understood that this group of diseases includes bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia. It turns out that to receive payments under an insurance policy, the medical card of a person of these diagnoses should not be”, – said the lawyer.

Earlier, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation said that the most vulnerable to complications and mortality due to coronavirus infection COVID-19 citizens with chronic diseases and people older than 60 years. Most insurance companies limit the age limit of the insured from the coronavirus 60-65 years.