Wear the badge and do not go in the apartment: how to distinguish a volunteer from fraud

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko

to Know the capital’s volunteers with a special badge. This is stated on the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

To support senior citizens and persons with chronic diseases, which follow the regime of self-isolation involved all social services, including volunteers who will help with the delivery of products and necessary medicines.

the Work of volunteers begins with a receive instruction. They were trained in all necessary when dealing with isolated citizens, including those told about the rules of the contactless transmission products and proper use of masks.

When each volunteer has a special badge and passport of the Russian Federation that they provide for their identification. All social workers are provided with medical masks, gloves and antiseptics.

the Citizens should also know that volunteers do not come into the house/apartment and you know the application number of beneficiaries. This number they report at the beginning of his visit.

To confirm the identity of a social volunteer, you can call by phones +7 (495) 633-63-83 or +7 (999) 898-16-18. The operator will need to call the surname, name and patronymic of the volunteer, it will check the database.

For more free care to people over 65 and people with chronic diseases should call at the following numbers: +7 (800) 200-34-11 or +7 (495) 633-63-83.

the Work of volunteers with the citizens on self-isolation

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yesterday it was reported that in Moscow increased the number of external police squads. They patrol all areas of the capital. In addition, all the entrances to the city work outfits traffic police, which control the movement of transport and citizens clarify the cause of the entrance of the MoskWoo.

on Saturday, Sergei Sobyanin said that to travel around Moscow and the Moscow region by car and public transport pass introduced. To start their registration will be from Monday April 13. Wednesday, April 15, and their availability for travel will be required.

on March 29, the mayor imposed restrictions on movement around the city to prevent large-scale spread of coronavirus infection.

the Citizens are allowed to leave the apartment only for emergency medical help, shopping at the nearest store or pharmacy. In addition, city residents should keep social distance not less than 1.5 meters.

For the last day in Russia was 2 186 new cases of coronavirus infection. The country today recorded 15 770 cases in 82 regions.

Almost half of the cases of coronavirus in Moscow under 45 years of age

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