Not only cook up as a tea, or with sweet syrup, even fresh, natural foods can give drinking water taste. A healthy Alternative, through which it is easier to take enough fluids. Between two and three litres of water to drink a grown man of the day. A bit of variety is no harm in it.

Still or sparkling water can be flavored with one or more ingredients according to your taste. Who sweet like, is, for example, slices of fruit into the glass or the carafe. But also many of the garden herbs have a pleasant Aroma when their leaves into the water. With a little creativity, delicious drinks, and refreshing on warm days emerge.


You will need: a glass or a carafe of drinking water, a knife, ice cubes, and your choice of ingredients. Fruit and herbs, which are cut in the drink or plucked, should be thoroughly washed.

After all of the fresh ingredients are in the water, you should wait about fifteen minutes so that the flavour can develop. Later on, you can admit to liking a few ice cubes.

of Course, sweet water,

Sweet are honey and watermelon in small pieces into a glass of Water. The more of the fruit, the more intense the flavor. A small amount is enough to sweeten the water.

if you like, you can add a bit of vanilla for a fresh Pod. The Aroma enhances the Sweetness still.

Sourly refreshing

With various citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines or Grapefruits, the water is particularly refreshing and ideal for warm days. If the fruit with peel and cut into slices to be used, you should pay attention to organic quality, so that no harmful substances get into the drink.

A fruity Note

Apple, pineapple or pear slices, whole or halved blueberries, raspberries, cherries, or pomegranate seeds work well to give the water a fruity Aroma. You can also mix several varieties of fruit, according to taste.

Subtle Aroma of cucumbers

Who would not want to change the taste of the water is strong and only a hint of flavor in it so wishes, should try it with cucumber slices. Because they not only bring in the Gin your fine touch to the application, but also in the water.

Spicy ginger

a Very healthy and intense flavor of ginger is enough: already a few, small slices, in order to Refine a drinking water intensive. Also with herbs or fruit mixed may arise as to taste delicious drinks.

Fresh herbs from the garden

if you own herbs in the garden, on the balcony or on the window sill in the kitchen, you will not use it only for food preparation but also for the finishing of drinks. Teas, Cocktails, and water to taste with rosemary, thyme, sage, or, for example, peppermint is particularly good. Also, in combination with fruit or ginger a lot of variety in the daily water.

How much water a day is healthy?

For our health is Drinking the right thing at least as important as the right diet. In order to stay fresh and fit, it is now of great importance to drink enough. But how much water is really enough for the body?

So you plant your herbal right to

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This reveals the color of your food

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