The Washington Post earned US President Joe Biden little sympathy with a piece claiming that the increasing “vulgar taunts” are “on another level,” compared to the usual insults politicians face.

“The current eruption of anti-Biden signs and chants,” the Post’s piece claims, is “far more vulgar and widespread” than the heated responses recent presidents such as Donald Trump and Barack Obama have faced. 

Earlier this week, when President Biden visited his hometown Scranton, Pa, he was greeted by a handmade sign: “F— Joe Biden,” held by a woman standing on Biden Street. @AshleyRParker@CarissaWolf on the increasingly vulgar taunts directed at Biden:

The president has been greeted at multiple events by protesters sporting vulgar signs. ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ has also become a popular phrase, popping up in viral videos and at numerous sporting events – it began when a reporter misinterpreted “f**k Joe Biden” as “let’s go, Brandon” at a NASCAR event earlier this month.

The Post goes deeper than this, detailing the divisive response Biden recently faced when visiting his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was greeted by critics holding signs with messages like ‘F**k Joe Biden’ and ‘F**k you for voting for him’.

The people of @Scranton#Pennsylvania welcome #JoeBiden in a way that many of us in this country

According to the Post, Trump’s frequent use of profanity and insults as president could have fueled this new wave of Biden resentment. 

Other examples cited in the piece include a woman in New Jersey, ordered by the city to take down multiple anti-Biden banners as they broke city ordinances. A state court, however, later ruled that the woman can exercise her freedom of speech and keep the signs up, vacating an order by a lower municipal court.  

Despite the numerous examples of the “vulgar taunts” Biden is facing as president, the Post’s piece did not provoke an outpouring of sympathy for the Democrat, with many conservatives citing similar treatment Trump faced during his presidency, some of it arguably worse, such as the popular ‘F**k Donald Trump’ rap song played at numerous protests and comedian Kathy Griffin’s infamous photo shoot holding a bloody, mock version of Trump’s severed head. 

“I don’t know what prevents a Washington Post reporter from doing a 30 second google search, or why they sit down to write an entire ‘Mean Sign’ piece about Joe Biden unless they themselves are personally offended on his behalf,” conservative pundit Stephen L. Miller tweeted. 

“America, the Washington Post is VERY disappointed in you,” commentator Brian Ruff tweeted. 

“Remember the woman who flipped off Trump and WaPo made her a hero? Where was the ‘Muh civility’ crowd then?” another user added, referencing a story by the Post asking if a woman losing her job was “fair” after she was photographed giving Trump the middle finger in 2017.

Remember the woman who flipped off Trump and WaPo made her a hero? was the “Muh civility” crowd then?

Good thing G. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, or Sarah Palin never received such treatment.

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