with The stock exchanges in New York on Thursday, with sharp gains as the market expected. Those positives were mainly due to hope for higher oil prices. When He came up with a Twitter message that Russia, and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who are engaged in a price war, would have been its oil production by one million barrels to bring them back.

now, with The Dow jones index ended 2.2 percent higher at 21.413.44 points. The broad S&P 500 gained 2.3 per cent to 2526,90 points. Technologiegraadmeter the Nasdaq rose 1.7 percent to 7487,31 points.

as President, He had stated that he would look after the price war in the oil market between the Russian federation and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and he was soon on a cease-fire between the countries again. The Russians and the saudis would be willing to cut production led to a jump in the price of oil. A barrel of U.s. oil, it was 23.2 percent, more worth 25,02 dollars, Brentolie increased by 21.1% to 29,98 usd.

In the wake of the oil went to the big olieconcerns as Exxon Mobil (up 7.7 percent) and French (up 11 percent) and up. Also, oliedienstverleners as Halliburton and Schlumberger were up with gains of up to 14 per cent by the players. The optimism of the oil industry disguised earlier-worrying news about the U.s. labor market and the impact of the coronacrisis. With a record of more than 6.6 million Americans have asked over the past week, first for UNEMPLOYMENT insurance benefit. It was much, much more than economists had expected, and that a doubling of the 3.3 million claims for benefits and, a week ago, when, even though there was an explosion of growth.

now, Boeing has lost, on average, 5.7 percent of the time. The prime contractor has employees, a voluntary retirement scheme in order to reduce costs. Aircraft manufacturers have a strong contracting market, due to the coronapandemie that the airline industry is heavily affected.

finally, The euro was 1,0859 dollars, compared to 1,0856 dollar at the close of the European markets earlier in the day.

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