For small businesses, the pandemic has become a war for survival. According to the analytical service of the international auditing and consulting network FinExpertiza, by the end of April in Russia was closed 70 044 enterprises of small and average business. “The spark” talked to those who managed to keep his job.Irina Efros”Business — clients”Photo: From family archivelink Abramovskih, 36 years old, an economist by education, owner of the children’s goods.Kemerovo for six years, my wife and the family business: two store. One is in the Mall, and the second shop “walking distance”. I believe that in the current difficult situation, we saved the client base that we have gathered through a special application. If it was not, would have to invest money in advertising, and certainly much to lose. Once declared a self-imposed isolation, we have sent to all clients notice that now shops online. Then moved back home the goods. They were mostly children’s shoes. In April, the landlords agreed not to take us even pay for utilities. By the way, this loyalty has shown many owners of commercial real estate in our city. Partly due to this, in the Kemerovo percentage of closed businesses one of the lowest in Russia.Staff, we was not fired. Two left, at the beginning of the pandemic, and came to the labor exchange. Decided that for them it is a more reliable option. Because of their departure we have lost subsidies, as the staff reduction exceeded 10 percent. There are only two employees and my wife. Wife took and assembled orders, and I delivered. Yet, we have to account in Instagram, asked staff and customers to help us out: recommend us to their friends and relatives, writing about us in social networks, mark the item in the storis. The whole April the action was carried out: for each day of isolation charged to all buyers by 20 points.On an average day we received two or three applications. As a result, in April of this year earned more than in the past. April 14, we were allowed to resume work at the Mall because we have the range has the Essentials — diapers and undershirts.Can’t say that we were very happy. Next to us on the floor, “Children’s world” Playground, food court. Everything is still closed so now we have the permeability is almost zero. 90 percent of the revenue brought by clients, who come to spend points accumulated for April. After the pandemic, we do not plan to only leave the online format — it does not have enough employees. I would like to expand the staff, but feedback on jobs is not enough. Many are accustomed to sit at home and receive assistance from the state. Soon we will start preparing for the school season, although it is unclear whether he will. But I have and��ti risk: if we do not purchase the product, then there will be nothing to sell. The main thing that we understand at this difficult time, the business is not a commodity, not the room and not the equipment. The business is the customers. And we must do everything possible to keep them.”Entrepreneur — one who in any situation Orient”Photo: From personal archivability of Yazvenko, 37 years old, the information security specialist, programmer, co-founder of the startup glamping and modular smart Domovladelets team — this is it-the developers who like extreme tourism. For 12 years we go camping in the forest, to the mountain rivers and volcanoes. Eventually wanted to organize a “stylish campaign”. We bought one tent to the test, brought dressy clothes, garlands, small projector, rolls and made a real party for friends. Format liked, and a friend of mine was so inspired that he offered to make it a business. So we bought a few tents, drove them to some beautiful spot and invited people to join us for a week or weekend. But soon all the apparent disadvantages of such a business. First, almost half a year falls, as the winter in this tent is impossible to live. In addition, the tents are quite unstable, a strong wind can damage them. Had to find a solution to these problems. It was the first time we learned about what is glamping (from the phrase “glamorous camping”, camping in the nature with the service level of the hotel.— “On”). To the point we just came very seriously took as a basis the existing structure, developed internal engineering networks, refined interior. Our experts have conducted market research, calculated the financial model. Before the pandemic, we found a partner in Georgia, built the first Park with six houses and lounge area. We already had a lot of reservations. And this despite the fact that large-scale advertising campaign, we have not even launched, worked social networks and word of mouth. In addition, we have more than 300 applications from investors, landowners and those who want to buy a franchise. Unfortunately, to open prevent coronavirus. All booking is cancelled, the investors that we found for the construction of new parks, took a wait.Of course, the first pandemic was a shock for us. But I must say, we are quickly led my thoughts in order. This time tried to benefit from: thought out smart home with the possibility of contactless settlement, smart lock, sensors, light sensors, smoke and water. Now the challenge is to create a house with voice control. You go in, the house welcomes you by name: “Hello, Irina! Welcome!” and gives the manual.And still there are requests for the installation of houses in suburban areas. Previously, we did not think about to sell them that way! So now develop a line of homes that people can assemble themselves, like LEGO. In General, if not a crisis, we would not have come up with these new formats. The entrepreneur, in my opinion, is the one who in any situation and will Orient on. After all, anyone who has been in business, initially understands that stability will never be. And this is also the high.”At first, it resembled a feast during the plague”Photo: From personal archivepanel Steinlucht, 38 years old, two higher music education, restorators-Peterburgsky a bar on the embankment we opened back in 2010. For 10 years the business has expanded to 11 restaurant projects. Almost all of them are on the most Central streets of the city. Just before the beginning of the pandemic I took over the management of another cafe. Of course, we do not expect that everything will happen so fast: it worked well on 8 March, but after two days the stream of visitors has fallen sharply. On weekdays, customers are almost not there, but we had hoped that, as before, the restaurants will be filled this weekend. As a result, in March, went to minus several million: worked with full staff, on time pay and rent, and revenue fell by 80 percent. March 28, we, like everyone else, was closed for “vacation”. However, not all landlords made concessions voluntarily, but because of the uncertain status of the situation paragraph “force majeure” in the contract was not in effect. Noble turned control of the island of New Holland. They came to us with a message about the abolition of the rent.But in the end, most owners realized that they would have to compromise. The chances that we will be able to go back after the pandemic faded, and look for new tenants now is not easy. We’re getting a subsidy from the state to 12 thousand rubles per employee. Of course, this needs help, but to call it adequate the losses we are impossible. My partner and I built your business from scratch: first you worked in the kitchen, served the guests. Therefore, always respectful of our line staff. Before closing, we had a meeting with the team and decided the main task for us all is to help projects to survive and to be much back. We formed a group of key employees, who paid “scholarship” all these months. Those who do not receive such payments, involved in service delivery. For delivery we have four projects. Those institutions that are located in shopping centres and at New Holland, we are at the time of the pandemic conserved. Also don’t do the delivery of the two restaurants, where the dishes are too complex and require special feed.But at one of these restaurants, we launched a pop-up project��vesenny dishes with seafood takeaway. The idea was realized very quickly, although at first it was like a feast during the plague. While attendance is good — guests get bored in our place.We are actively looking for companies that could deliver food for employees. This would increase the sales and allowed us to save on shipping and Commission to the aggregators, which means that even slightly increased the chances of survival. After the lifting of the quarantine, we hope to open all the projects. First resume bars and cafes, the last to open restaurants. Well, we will continue to act on the situation. Of course we are worried that there will be a second wave of the epidemic. We’ll gather the team, will work with a turnover of only 60-70 percent of a month or two, and then what? If you have to close? This uncertainty is all much care.”Format udalenka for small business perfect”Photo: From personal archivada Palagina, 30 years old, graduated from the faculty of state and municipal management, consultant staff to the remote rebotunova organize conferences for entrepreneurs devoted to the translation companies for freelance work. And in parallel founded the Agency hiring remote employees. In March strongly felt the decline. It was not clear when the quarantine will end, and hire new employees no hurry. But after June 9, when I removed most of the restrictions, things got better. By the way, even those who have previously had a negative attitude towards remote working (for them it was associated with downshifting somewhere in Bali or Goa), I knew that the format of the future. It became clear that in critical situations the choice may not be. You’re either working remotely, or even close. Applications from companies are many and all very different. There were guys who spetsializiruyutsya on SEO promotion. They wanted to put together a sales team of remote employees. For another firm, which is engaged in printing pictures on canvas, we were looking for the “face” of the company for their Instagram for freelance work. But most customers came from the education sector.Now, many language schools moved to the online format. We’re trying to do and fitness centers, and dance studios. I believe that for small business the format of the remote work perfect. On remote if your business is not working — so it is initially not systematized. It is only when the employees go to the office, the owner has the illusion that he controls everything. During a pandemic, the whole world slowed down. Employers have a time to ask questions: “I’m in this business for five years. I still like or I just used? Maybe I actually want to do something else?”. From that dialogue with them there can be new opportunities.”This month we have turned 180 degrees”Photo: From licnog�� arivana Toropetskaya, 49 years old, economist, co-owner of a network of children’s clubs of matematiceskogo pandemic we had 17 offline clubs in Moscow, and about 23 in other cities of Russia. Anxiety we haven’t felt the summer children’s program was in full swing. When everything is curved back on itself, we almost did not suffer financial: immediately refused to lease all premises and began to think about how to go online. Initially, of course, was a lot of stress. In our field between flan and online processes — the abyss. Through the day we arranged brainstorming sessions, tested various options and then measured the result. Teachers spent twice as much time on lesson preparation, things didn’t work the first time. In General, the staff is always hard to respond to changes, and in this situation had to turn 180 degrees. People are either changing the approach, or eliminated. In our case, the state is fully preserved, and we are even more United. Now all classes are conducted on the platform of the Zoom. In the future we want to increasingly become the IT company and to create its own platform for puzzle games.Initially, some parents had doubts: will the children comfortable, not tired from classes online? But it soon became clear that many comprehensive schools are unable to properly build the training online, and we provide quality services. Offered parents free test lesson. Conducted individual meetings with each new student to personally get to know and understand what is interesting to the child. But also did collaborations with other children’s clubs and conduct classes with different subjects: mathematics and English, mathematics and football, math and flamenco. For those who now cannot pay the standard classes, the teachers have developed a whole range of different duration and cost of lessons.To the situation of the pandemic, many wanted their children studied with us. But you know how hard it is to take your child after school in another district of Moscow. Now it is possible to study from home. In addition, we have a Russian-speaking pupils who live abroad. Now parents, conversely, ask: “And after the pandemic, you will be online?”. We, of course, remain, but the former mode of operation is very want to go back.”We’re all in the same boat”Photo: From personal archivebot Esipov, 66, engineer, landlord of several commercial pomesanians of Peterburgu business I have gone through a few crises and by experience I can say that in any such situation it is important not to make any sudden movements.At the end of March, all my tenants wrote to me an official letter that asked for significantly reduced rent. Some wanted the complete abolition of the rent for two ��of eSATA. I know that many landlords have not made concessions. I cancelled the rent for all to the lifting of the quarantine, leaving only the utilities. All my tenants — small business owners: bar, beauty salon, medical centre and a small sports club. This means that the quarantine period their activities were completely suspended. They did not have the capacity to pay. So what’s the point to require?I think we’re all in the same boat and have to swim together. Besides, if I decided to charge fully or partially, someone could abandon premises and find new tenants in these circumstances is very difficult. Most likely, I would have just gone negative. So it remains only to wait when they will resume. Of course, I would not be able to do that if I didn’t have a financial cushion. But crises have been and will still be. So prepare in advance, do things so that in the event of unforeseen circumstances is not to stay grounded. Unfortunately, during a pandemic, was that most of the businesses have made on the live thread, the owners are not serious savings.