Vostokugol’, part of a group who died in may of Alltech Dmitry Bosova, intends to apply for private bankruptcy due to the lawsuit with him affiliated companies “Section of the East”. Now the heirs of Dmitry Bosova argue in court with his former business partner Alexander Isaev, who wants to regain 50% of “Vostokova”, considering them illegal lost. Experts believe that bankruptcy can be used as a tool of protection from claims of Alexander Isayev and his business partners.”Vostokova”, one of the main assets of Alltech group, intends to apply to the Arbitration court of Moscow region with the statement for bankruptcy. Notice was published on the portal “Medresurs”. The creditor specified a different part of the holding company “Section of the East”, which in July filed a lawsuit against the “Vostokova” to recover 24.8 million rubles. the Essence of the claim is not disclosed.”Octocoral” on an equal footing belonged to Dmitry Bosova and Alexander Isaev. In the spring, Mr. Isaev was accused of theft and dismissed from all posts, and its share is transferred to the co-owner of Alltech Oleg Shemchuk, and then most UK Vostokugol’. Now Alexander Isaev in court trying to contest the transaction and return share. At his request the court arrested the 50% of “Vostokova” to resolve the dispute. The court is not only seized, but banned the transfer of shares from Oleg Shemchuk to “Vostochny”. Alexander Isaev refused to comment on the intention of “Vostokova” to semibankirshchina and gave “b” through a representative, that has nothing to do with this company.The representative of “Vostokova” confirmed “Kommersant” that the company’s CEO Anatoly Lee filed a bankruptcy petition. According to him, the appeal is a necessary measure, as after the sale Alexander Isaev share in the UK Vostokugol’, as well as the resignation of the Director General Vadim Bugaev was conducted by internal audit of the company. He revealed that the company has negative net assets, a significant payables that are not able to pay its creditors.”The situation was aggravated by the fact that after the tragic death of Dmitry Bosova heirs do not have time to join the right of inheritance, and Alexander Isaev in court already seized the only asset UK Vostokugol ‘share in the joint venture, which owns the port of Vera”,— said the representative of the company. He stressed that the bankruptcy will not affect operations of the port.The port of Vera is located in the Primorsky Krai in the area of the Cape Open. “Photocopy” owns 50% of LLC “Port “Vera” Management” (OOO the FDA, owns 100% of port Faith). Project partners are the “rostec” (12,5%), the company Catherine Lapshin, who previously managed the assets of albert Avdalyan and his partner Sergei Adoniev (18,75%) and the President of “Rosengineering” Dmitry�� Novikov (18,75%). The port is included in the “A-property” albert Avdalyan company forms an industrial cluster, which must Elga coal Deposit (head Alexander Isayev), Yakutsk fuel company, the port of Vera and the ogodzhinskoye coal project.Now for control of the port of Faith is a struggle. The widow of Dmitry Bosova Katerina Bosses, which is now headed by the Board of Directors of the underlying asset Alltech “Sibantratsit”, in a letter to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on family, women and children Tamara Pletnev has told that in may, the partners of “Vostokova” on the port without reason, demanded the execution of the call option by 16.7% in this project at a nominal value of 3.4 thousand rubles, RBC. As a result, the share of the heirs of Dmitry Bosova would be reduced to 33.3%.Respondents ‘ b ‘ lawyers admit that the bankruptcy of “Vostokova” can be used as a means of protection from claims of Alexander Isayev and his business partners. Partner of law firm “paper bags, Kolotilov and partners” Nikolai Pokryshkin specifies that beneficiaries of the business bankruptcy is an effective way of realization of the assets through a bankruptcy auction. In this case, buyers of the assets at market value may be independent third parties. Also assets can be sold at a greatly reduced price “themselves” in the form of formally independent but de facto controlled companies. The expert believes that in this case, even if in the future Alexander Isaev will be able to return their share in the “Vostokova”, the assets will already be implemented, and the bankruptcy estate is distributed, which will mean defeat in a corporate conflict with a high degree of probability — final.If among the creditors, “Vostokova” was associated with Dmitry Nosovym or successors of the company, their requirements in the register of creditors may be reduced in the order of satisfaction, continues the lawyer. At the same time Mr. Pokryshkin emphasizes that under bankruptcy UK will be lowered and the requirements of Alexander Isayev for the payment of the cost of the shares, if he is able to sue. If the list of creditors will not be independent persons, the requirements affiliated with the individuals to fall will not.Another thing is that the current CEO of UK have been made in the register on 6 may, ie after the sale of shares by Alexander Isaev. “To the court for bankruptcy of the company has the right to appeal its Director, so if he was elected in violation of the law (it is chosen by participants, OOO, and now there is a dispute about the ownership of a 50% stake), it is possible to talk about the fact that he has no right to act on behalf of the debtor. But the court may still enter the observation procedure in the “Vostokova” (and then to stop it, if it turns out that the Director has no powers). Or the court might prefer to wait for RA��solution to the question of the legitimacy of the Directors and until you begin the bankruptcy of the company”,— says Pavel Gerasimov.Eugene Zainullin, the arbitral panel