Vladimir Mashkov: Territorial integrity - for me it is not an amendment, and the axiom

to implement a ban on the alienation of the territories of Russia proposed by Vladimir Mashkov: “you can not Give. And it is impossible to even thought arose about what “torganut” land in exchange for something.”

With the art Director of Theatre Oleg Tabakov, as well as a member of the working group on preparation of offers on amendments to the Constitution with actor Vladimir Mashkov we’re talking about why the country now needs a new level of protection for state sovereignty. And how proposed and approved amendments to articles 68, 69 of the protection of Russian culture, radically changed the legal status of culture as such.

Photo: RIA Novosti the Most significant amendments to the Constitution, caused the greatest interest in the society

Your proposal to make a constitutional amendment on the territorial integrity and inalienability of the territories was not speculative – picking up students, you drove all the way from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, and talked with people.

Vladimir Mashkov: And I think, after our trips such a proposal is absolutely clear. I really spent a lot of time in Vladivostok and Primorye. In Kaliningrad, in addition to trips with selection to the School of Oleg Tabakov, I was shooting for four months. I have been to the most remote corners of our beautiful country. And I’m a sociable person because I am very interested in what you feel people think. And since in me they sometimes see other people – all those I have played, some are very Frank.

That is a fundamentally different degree of trust.

Vladimir Mashkov: I have all my interlocutors grateful for the very sincere conversation on a completely different topic.

Our borders, our territory PRenableit not only us, it belongs to our grandfathers, fathers, grandparents. And it belongs to our future generations

a Lot of the new you about people found out?

Vladimir Mashkov: human Knowledge is an endless process. “I know everything, but not themselves…” We know in other people, we understand communication, why the concept of “intuition” is translated as gazing, scrutinizing the. To do this, we have our sensuous attention to the man. If you’re attentive to what is happening around them, to people first of all, you can discover many interesting things. Because I’m an actor, is the Foundation of our profession – understanding, an attempt to understand the man.

the heaviest fighting the Siberians had to in March of 1943 on the Bryansk

In the regions on how often you were told?

Vladimir Mashkov: If you talk about people adults, seniors, concerned about a decent pension. The fact that the proposal on annual indexing of pensions, of course, attracted great attention.

Always very difficult to talk about family values, that too much has been said.

But talking about territorial integrity, it seems to me, one of the most important. The amendment which I proposed, – on the impossibility of alienation of land is one of the vital in the further provisions.

you see, our borders, our territory belongs not only to us, it belongs to our grandfathers, fathers, grandparents, and great-great-grandfathers. And it belongs to our future generations. Our entire border along the perimeter covered with blood. People fought for every inch of ground…

All adults remember 90-e years, which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union, which not only territorial but also the browhuman losses, what conflicts arose and what consequences resulted. Again remember the mid 50-ies, a gift by Khrushchev of Crimea… you Know, probably, and Alexander II also found some specific reason to sell more than a million square kilometers.

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you, as artistic Director of the experience in the Commission on constitutional amendments gave greater certainty and coordination in the system of political values? In the theater of important emotions, not in the theatre to speak in bureaucratic language, and they need the correct words…

Vladimir Mashkov: Know, this work is really very important to properly articulate what you want, what you have to offer. Emotions necessary to bring into proper legal wording. I can’t say that speak the legal language. My task was to convey the meaning to the working group, as it included great minds, dear people, and further on those proposals, which were worked by the lawyers. Received more than 900 amendments. And in the theater, and I personally came so many completely different offers. Among them were those that were surprising. And many were, as I understand it caused some personal pain… And my task was to figure out how to convey everything that was suggested to make further discussion. The fact that we, all citizens, was excited about it and how seriously excited, we’ll see on the ballot. The country is a very important event. And it is obvious that attention to our Basic Law stirred up not only us but also our neighbors – nearby and far away.

the Discussion of amendments seriously excited people

It has not affected the course of the rapetici in your theater?

Vladimir Mashkov: No, I just had to adjust the schedule because the meetings start in the morning.

as now you have a subordinate person, if you take the whole area?

Vladimir Mashkov:, five Hundred. This, together with the drama school.

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If we talk about the amendment of the protection of Russian culture. Making it in the Constitution is the realization that the best in the world of Russian Museum collections, theatres, orchestras are as important as the safety and the efficiency of the economy.

Vladimir Mashkov: the amendment proposed by Mikhail Piotrovsky, Denis Matsuev, Alexander Kalyagin, colleagues, that the state is obliged to care about culture and culture is supported and protected by the state. The current law says that everyone is obliged to care of the cultural heritage and preservation of cultural traditions. Each but the state is not. But the culture itself is the basis of development, practical realization of universal and spiritual values. Therefore, for the state one of the most important objectives – that of cultural development. And Russia is not only the land, but, I think, more territory of various cultures unique.

And under the protection of the Constitution, the culture will have a different legal status.

Vladimir Mashkov: It will be the duty of the state to take care of culture. Hence, every person, and the state. Now, a Year has passed thoseatra, there were hundreds of events, began the restoration of the buildings and Moscow, and regional. I think it is right and necessary. For a long time talking about the law on culture. I have determined that it is the practical realization of spiritual and human values. But the hardest thing to determine what it is acceptable to all. And to identify what’s important, otherwise this area may become contentious.

How seriously people reacted to the discussion of the amendments to the Basic Law, we’ll see on voting day. Photo: RIA Novosti

Conflict – it is the subject of the study of theater. And how important drama was the discussion of amendments on working group meetings?

Vladimir Mashkov: Yes, in the theater primarily examines the conflicts. A discussion of the proposals is another story, here is a further clarification and a deep understanding of a problem.

Think about the work. Time for a new actor’s theatrical work will be in your plans?

Vladimir Mashkov: on the Basis of need theatre. I now think about the employment and success of the whole company. What would I have played? I actually never had the goal of something to play. It happened so that the works do come, we can say the role I chose. This season in the Theater of Oleg Tabakov came two plays where I play “Matrosskaya Tishina” and “Auditor”, they are quite successful. Anyway, materializes something that will be the next stage of my personal development.

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Opening a new set in a drama school, you continue to are going to travel around the region?

Vladimir Mashkov: Yes. But to us does not happen every year. We are moving towards an integrated system of secondary and higher education. We will type after 9-th class, children will learn from us five years to get higher education. So we will be artists from an early age to start cooking and, accordingly, the first to release.

the Requirements are high, we have a lot of qualifying rounds, we look at the development of children. They are all quite capable. But who will be able to sustain this rhythm will continue. Courses are different. On the same course, which will be produced, 17 people, the other 13. On the ground now 21. I’m not sure that so many of them left. But in any case, we try to answer each one. The school is unique – it was well conceived, as a school at the theater. Teachers – active actors, and many guys have successfully played on the stage. We’re primarily preparing footage for yourself, then our liability and the relationship – it is another level. But we do our best to make our students show in other theatres, if anyone has any preferences, so they can choose. Suggestions from the Tabakov Theatre will come still last.

PS you Need to take responsibility for life

Vladimir Mashkov: I am one of the millions interested people in our populous and cosmopolitan native country. For myself, I have formulated that the Constitution is primarily the attention to the present, preserve the best of the past, and the goals and objectives for the future. In this sense, should be laid maximum opportunities for the development of the country and us as individuals. Because the main value – people. It is clear to all, and after the basic Law is fixed that is associated with the person implementing it, health, his safety, his future.

to Work on amendmentsand in the main document of the country – it requires more responsibility than to put on a play, to lead the theatre?

Vladimir Mashkov: Yes, no doubt, is a very serious matter. But you need to take responsibility at all for his entire life.