The first Christmas without major Corona measures. This time, many are traveling to visit family or friends again after a long time. If you want to save, you should book a train ticket now, because fares are going up. FOCUS online says how much money you can save on average.

Deutsche Bahn’s new winter schedule will come into effect on December 11th, which means that rail fares will also increase across the board. On average, it should be almost five percent more expensive. “The price increase thus remains well below the current inflation rate of around 8 percent,” says a press release from Deutsche Bahn.

It will be more expensive, especially for people who want to remain flexible. With the so-called Flex tariff, the price adjustment is a whopping 6.9 percent.

And there are also price increases for the BahnCard.

From December 11, the BahnCard25 costs EUR 59.90 for 2nd class and EUR 121 for 1st class. The BahnCard25 previously cost EUR 56.90 for 2nd class and EUR 115 for 1st class.

The BahnCard50, on the other hand, will cost 244 euros for 2nd class and 492 euros for 1st class from December 11th. The previous price of 234 euros for 2nd class and 474 euros for 1st class will then no longer apply. The prices for the trial BahnCard25 remain unchanged (17.90 euros for 2nd class and 35.90 euros for 1st class).

Anyone who uses the BahnCard100 no longer pays 4144 euros from December 11, but 4339 euros for 2nd class. For 1st class, rail customers then pay 7,356 euros for the flat-rate card (instead of 7,012 euros).

From December 11, seniors should pay EUR 38.90 (instead of EUR 37.90) for the Senioren-BahnCard25 for 2nd class. For 1st class, the Senior BahnCard25 will then cost EUR 77.90 (instead of EUR 74.90).

The senior BahnCard50 is five euros more expensive for 2nd class and ten euros for 1st class.

If you want to travel at Christmas, you should have booked your ticket by December 10th at the latest. Thus, travelers benefit from the much cheaper old prices. Anyone booking after December 11 will have to dig deeper into their pockets.

The savings from early booking are impressive. For the route between the two major cities of Munich and Berlin, interested parties currently pay 136.40 euros per person in 2nd class and in the Flex fare. From December 15, the same trip will cost 163.70 euros. With the Sparpreis tariff, the price saving for the same route is eight euros per person.

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If you want to use the BahnCard in the future, it may be worth booking the card in good time. The BahnCard25 and BahnCard50 are mostly and exclusively valid for long-distance public transport (ICE, EC, IC).

However, the nationwide “49-euro ticket” planned for January 2023 is only valid on local public transport (Regional-Express, Interregio, regional train). The BahnCard is not valid here.