The association of Vishandelaars calls on the government to voedingsmarkten soon to be on the show. To do this, it has to do with the federation in measures to ensure the safety of customers and the market to ensure the. With the nadars and the required one-way traffic in the opinion of the federation, which is a food market, in fact, it is more than just a grocery store.

the petition asks the Federation of Vishandelaars to voedingsmarkten as soon as possible to open it up. “Once again, the people at the market, as less and less concentration of people and the queues at the retailers that are in addition to the crisis, thanks to their price increase, what it sounds like. In addition, according to the austrian food market is the place to be for local merchants to to support. “The ‘buy local’- you have to realize is, a lot of consumers is not a term we use lightly, but it is a certitude has become today.”

in addition to this, the federation developed a plan to social distancing, up to take them into consideration when shopping at an open-air market.

With this scheme, hoping for the Vishandelaars that voedingsmarkten as soon as possible open to you. (Photo: Federation of Vishandelaars.

By means of the nadars, the boxes on the floor, and a one-way street past the stalls (marked with signs) in the opinion of the federation, which is a food market should be able to do. “In addition, it is also true that all of the market financial have been particularly hard hit due to the fact that they used their revenue to zero and the euro is reduced to be”, says another.

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