Kelvin White used his reflective vest as a guide for drivers to avoid the child.

After rescuing a toddler from being almost run over by oncoming traffic, a Virginia bus driver was hailed as a hero.

Kelvin White was on his route when he noticed a little girl pushing her stroller and a stuffed animal toward the street. He pulled the little girl to safety and stopped his bus.

“I was on the inbound 20, heading into downtown Norfolk, heading down Brambleton Avenue towards the Martin Luther King monument,” White told Fox 4 Now. “I saw a little girl walking along the street.

White believed that the girl was not older than three years.

His neon vest enabled him to spot oncoming drivers and to direct them to the right until he got the girl safely to safety.

White said, “By the moment I reached her I was able get her off the street.” “I went door-to-door in the neighborhood with another unidentified man to try to find the mother or someone who might know the child,” White explained.

Through his quick thinking, White was able to save the girl and reunite her with her mom, according to WUSA 9 News.

White’s supervisor Alex Brink said that White was “very grateful” for his actions. It was certainly nothing we would expect an operator to do.

Brink thanked White for his efforts and gave him a pair of Beats headphones.