The ban on the Ballermann song “Layla” at the Würzburg Kiliani folk festival is making waves. Now a video has appeared that shows the mayor of Würzburg, Christian Schuchardt, celebrating this song.

Würzburg’s Lord Mayor Christian Schuchardt (CDU) celebrated at the Kiliani Festival to the now banned song “Layla”. This can be seen on video recordings available to ” BR “. So to the song that the city no longer wants to hear at the festival because of sexist content.

According to “BR”, the video was recorded a few days before the city announced. Specifically, it should be the opening night of the folk festival. The recordings show Schuchardt dancing exuberantly while “Layla” is playing in the background. Whether the OB also sings along cannot be seen.

He told “BR”: “I only googled the lyrics on July 11 and dealt with them and I don’t think they’re good. In any case, I didn’t consciously notice the full lyrics in the marquee atmosphere.” He doesn’t listen to Ballermann music and doesn’t know the song lists of the bands either. The rhythm of the song is “but definitely good”.

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He considers the order of his city administration not to play the song in the marquee to be appropriate. “I think it’s right that an organizer shouldn’t order or play sexist or racist songs. In this respect, I also welcomed last year’s agreement between the city and the organizing brewery and I support it. I also think the current broad discussion about what works and what doesn’t work is important,” Schuchardt was quoted as saying by “BR”.